Better PTFE tube for Glow in the dark, A1, AMS-Lite?


Recently tried printing with Bambu Lab’s PLA Glow with mixed results on my A1 plus AMS Lite.

Printing from the AMS Lite didn’t work reliably. Printing from the external spool holder worked if the tube path was very straight. Using hardened 0.4mm hotend

I noticed that the friction through the original PTFE tube was very significant, and probably the reason why printing wasn’t that great.

Has someone experimented with a third party PTFE tubing or with lubrication?

Thoughs or suggestions?


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I have tried that Glow filament also, but I didn’t use the AMS with it.

It was not recommended to use the AMS and even cautions against the AMS Lite.

(For refence: PLA Glow)

I’ve used the BL Glow in the AMS and it worked reasonably well. I think there could be an advantage in a session in a dryer to loosen it up as any moisture tends to make it stiff and more brittle. Wear over the first kg was next to nothing compared to other glows I’ve used so other than hardened extruder/nozzle I think its safe in standard PTFE.

My results with GitD filament in the AMS was borderline. Had a couple of errors during the print that had to be cleared, but it did make it through. I’ve had no issues at all running it from the external spool. Straighter and shorter path.
GitD filament is pretty abrasive. Even if it ran fine from the AMS, I’m not sure how good it would be for the tubes.