Big praise to Bambu Lab

Today I finally received my Bambu X1 Carbon with AMS!
I just want to send a praise on the amazing work you people done.

The whole unboxing experience was great, very well secured and clear instructions.
My first print was very exiting. It was going so much faster then my CR10SPro V2 (about 50mm/s).
I was blown away about that speed.

I also got a bit scared of all the sounds it made like scraping the printhead and hitting that switch in the back. And the calibration of the XY holy ^@#$. That was scary loud but fun to listen to.

After showing my dad a video of how fast this printer was and showing him printing lines where almost non-existant he asked me how much the device costs :stuck_out_tongue:
I may even got you another client haha.

Keep up the good work :two_hearts: :+1:


Completely agree. I have waited patiently before entering into 3d printing (I have plenty of time consuming hobbies and simply couldnt face the prospect of spending large amounts of time and not achieving the outcomes I wanted). I watched a few reviews of the Bambu P1P and decided time seemed right. On arrival the attention to detail was outstanding. The P1P was in my mind near perfect and to date every model I have started has printed perfectly. Within 48 hours I had purchased the AMS. Another fab product. I have since printed the ARC enclosure, upgraded the Hot head and Head gears and added cable chain, camera, MC fan etc… At one point I had contemplated buying the X1C but to be honest I have enjoyed the learning curve of upgrading the P1P.

I have worked with large numbers of companies world wide, its not often I come across a new one who raises the bar! Well done Bambu Labs!

I am very much hoping you add an XL printer to your stable. 400 x 400? I would not hesitate to buy!

Welcome to the club!

It’s really nice to see a post like this, so many people end up here with a problem and then they’re grumpy LOL!

There’s a pretty good group here who are ready to help if you have Q’s. You might look around you’ll find lots of posts with tips.


I’m thrilled to this day adding the Carbon X1 to my growing (Addiction) number of printers as of 12/2022. My praise to this company comes from the reliability of this machine, the available extras, backup components and consumables that are well priced and the crazy care they take in their packaging of components, I almost hate to ruin it by opening the goodies.
Shipping to Pennsylvania says 3-5 days and arrives in 2. Outstanding!!
Their recent release disappointed me as I was hoping for the next more advanced “Starship” like the one I own now. More than willing to pay more for that next dream machine but I understand the direction they took making their technology and turnkey printer available to more people. Other companies have done the same thing and profit +margins keep you in business.
With that said please continue to support “Bambu Lab” by purchasing their well priced, well packaged and fast shipped goods. My only suggestion would be to include “sweet tarts” or “gummies” like Musicians Friends or Atomic Filament in their packages. (Only kidding but…:grin:)

Very nice. I also think I got a coworker to order an a1. My selling pitch “They made it stupid easy.” Had him watch 1 video and he was already on checking prices.

So the plot to take over the world is succeeding . . . :crazy_face: :laughing: