Boost Notifications for China site?

I recently posted a model that has gone sorta viral (No clue why), but I just got four boosts from the China site. I didn’t receive any notifications. Is this just me or has it not been implemented yet?

Yeah same here. I get some for one model that’s pretty popular and never get notifications for them, but it shows up in the boost history.

Its kind of a fun surprise when I wake up to a few unaccounted boosts.




I don’t even get any regular points. :rofl: China has been a big flop for me so far, only VERY few downloads.


Same. I’ll have to rework my plans for global domination.


I don’t even understand how this Chinese makerworld works. Never had a download or a comment or a boost, also I don’t understand how to log in, because it requires a Chinese phone number

All of my models have 0-2 downloads… except for the hex fidget I just posted.
I have no clue what happened

And US site is about the same. I legit have no idea why, it’s very similar to loads of other designs, but I’ll take it!

It’s up to 4 or 5 boosts on China site, and 8 total I think.

Yeah, for now you can’t log in, which bothers me because some people left comments/reviews, and I want to respond! I’ve responded to every comment (I think) on my models, so this breaks my streak.

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