Bottom layer not forming properly assistance requested

Good evening everyone. Life has finally started to slow down and the printer is back on. I am perplexed however and hoping you can advise me. We are printing light boxes and they have all been coming out like the red-haired picture. Smooth and really quite beautiful. Then starting yesterday they began looking like the blue Stitch picture with the lines very visible and gaps between the colors.

Both are printed with a .4 nozzle and .16 High Quality chosen as the resolution. The blue one almost looks like the filament isn’t melting all the way or some such as it is much more rows than the previous prints that look like single pieces. I have tried 3 prints today and they are all following the blue picture pattern and look kinda ucky.

It’s a fairly new SS head and the textured build plate.

Thank you

Partial clog maybe?

I would also suggest changing the title to make it more meaningful. Include words that might describe the problem instead of just asking “why”. Makes it easier for other users to find this thread and possibly help if they know how to fix certain things now that they know what it is. Words like gaps, under extrusion, clog, etc.

It seems likely your bed needs to be cleaned.

Run a flat sheet (first layer) test. If that isn’t completely flat and unbroken give the build plate a clean with warm water and dish soap. Give it a decent rinse and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

Do you use this setting ? or could it help with the issue ?

Thank you both. I have not used the ironing layer but will turn it on and see if that helps.

On the bed plate we wash it with Dawn after every other print. I also tried the same lightbox on the 3D efects plate just for giggles and same result. I will give it a very through scrubbing just to be sure.

Woke up this morning and a print I was doing overnight looks like it has worm filament coming out. Could this all be related?

Thank y’all for the input. I’m checking ironing and my wife is scrubbing the snot out of the plate now :slight_smile:

Thank you and I redid the title. Your suggested made great sense.

Would these settings be more relevant ? ( im still learning )

Thanks Neiljt. I’ll check those now. I haven’t changed anything but I’m just learning that each file on Makerworld can have it’s own settings.

OK tried to print just now and it’s like this. There is something causing the filament to either not melt enough or cool to quickly so it’s not bonding to the other filament. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I’m wondering if it’s the ceramic heater and thermistor. Could that cause these issues?

Which printer you using ?

P1S. I took off the nozzle to heat and poke for blockage and the thermistor wire won’t even pull out of the head so I’m thinking it may be damage or maybe a little filament got under the sock and into that hole and now is causing heat issues.

Just a guess

Looking in the store i cant see a .4 ss hotend for that printer or any other, only .2 ss hotends

My apologies, Hardened Steel not SS.

Complete Hotend Assembly - P1 Series

It may have nothing to do with your issue but Studio will prompt you to save any parameters that get changed when you open other people’s prints. If you do that accidentally you can get a whole cornucopia of changed settings all at once. Actually, this can happen with your own files too - reopen one that has something different from your defaults and if you save the changed parameters, your defaults are updated easy way too peasy.

Whenever someone mentions that things suddenly change, I wonder if this convenience is a bit too convenient.

Could you have accidentally updated your defaults which may be being used in the new prints?

MZip. It’s possible and I’ll check the files against each other. I’m leaning more towards the heater / Thermister thing as I tried to reprint the red head from before and it now shows the same issues.

Thank for chiming in. I’m learning bunches.

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Good afternoon everyone. I figured it out by reading through oodles of forum posts here and over yonder. The file I loaded, for some reason on that one plate had dramatically increased the print speed for the filament.

I lowered everything back down where it belongs and all parts have printed beautifully.

Thank you to everyone for the input and the offers of assistance here and in email.


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