Brand new X1C weird noises

So, I thought the A1 was loud. But after having to return it, due to faulty cable, I decided to go with an X1C.

However, that thing’s quite loud. Now, I know, y’all want to type “that’s just how it is, get used to it.” but I don’t think it is.

How does it sound?
It sounds as if the printer is shaking the AMS so much that the rolls inside there make the noise.

But I’ve lifter the AMS above the Glass plane and the sound is still there.

I’ve already cleaned the X rods, and greased the z rods as the printer suggested. Didn’t help.

If you get closer it sounds less like rattling, but more like scratiching. And it seems like it only comes from the right side, specifically from the belt or axle. At least from what I can tell.

The printer works fine, and all, it’s just kinda annoying, specially since the machine is supposed to be inside our living space

Now, can I lube those plastic belts? Maybe that’ll make it better? Or any other ideas? I’ll certainly clean those rails as well once the current print is done and do some more testing, but any help/solutions would be apreciated. Sounds like there’s something lose or whatnot…

Check to make sure it’s running current firmware, then run the Calibration from the Utilities tab on the printer’s adjustment menu. This includes motor noise calibration, and it will be much quieter (though still shake a lot). Do not lube the belts.

It could also be that you are hearing bearing noise - not much to be done about that except print slower.

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Thanks for your reply.

I ended up cleaning and re-calibrating the machine again, and it now seems to be much quieter.
Firmware is already up to date.

It could’ve been the bearings and/or some dirt that now starts to sort itself out over printing time (I hope so). It still gets noisy at times, but it’s much more bearable.

It does sound a lot like the issue others have posted recently, too.