Bridge not touching overhang wall (both with support) - huge gap

I was trying to print a part, half resting on build plate half in mid-air and supported usinbg normal auto mode. The gap between bridge (greyish blue) and overhang wall (dark blue) in slicer (Bambu Studio) looks ok but in actual print the gap is quite big, which I didn’t see when printing in other 3D printers. I tried changeing z from 0.2 to 0.1mm and only slight improvement in gap but 10x the effort to remove the support


P1P, layer height 0.2mm, PLA+ generic, calibrated.

I also tried change bridge angle from 0 to 30, and also 45deg, no improvement. Also tried increasing wall loop from 2 to 4, no improvement. Tried lowering bridge printing speed from 50 to 30mm/s, no improvement still, bridge became more saggy. Tried increasing infill/wall overalp from 15% to 30%, no improvement, increased to 70%, still no improvement in the gap, but top surface became very rough and nozzle grazing across the top all the time.

What else can I try? Increase bridge thickness? Decreasing layer thickness to 0.12?