Bridges are sliced in a strange way

Hi folks,

I am wondering why Bambu slicer and even Orca slicer have this slicing issue with bridges. When something gets bridged I see very often that the following layer after bridging is in the same direction than the bridges itself. I know I can adjust that manually but sometimes I forget and I don’t get why this is not a default rule to change direction after bridging. As far as I can remember I never had that issue with Prusa Slicer.

Here you can see what I mean:

Problem with this is that it very often destroys the bridge because it goes too fast in the same direction. Also I would like to have an option to do the first layer on a bridge a little bit slower than normal infill. Is there such an option anywhere?

Thx in advance!

If you watch the gizmo in Preview Mode you may see that the bridge starts and stops in midair without underlying support. I have found that changing wall type from Arachne to Classic solves this problem. You may want to give that a try.

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Have you noticed that bridges are being created with a layer height of twice the current layer height?

I see this when the bridge is created on top the infill before it adds a solid infill and then the top layer


hmm no never noticed that…?!

I noticed now when changing the setting “direction of bridge” from default 0° to 90° it doesn’t change anything in some parts I had recently. So I think maybe this is a bug in the slicer as it should turn the bridges direction. Only when you type 180° it does what it already should do with 90°. Anybody else who can confirm that?

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I printed a part that starts with many rectangles on the plate. The later converge into a single object.
The rectangles are the same size and for a pattern that is uniform. I was watching when the infill bridging started and the first rectangle printed bridging in the y direction which is the short dimension of the rectangle. The next one printed the bridging in the x direction. Sometimes there were sequences of rectangles printed the same direction. Towards the end some of the bridging was printing at very acute (small) angles in relation to one of the sides. This was very strange.

I noticed the same problem.
Change the value of Bridge infill direction does nothing.

Try 180 degree that worked for me…