Broken filament piece pre-hotend. PTFE issue possibly?

5 times now I’ve had an issue where the nozzle has failed to extrude and the machine has been found printing in mid-air. PLA and PETG.
Every time, there has been a small 3-4mm piece floating in the space between the extruder and hotend, which has blocked the filament path.
At first I thought was that the filament must have been brittle, or it’s a heat creep issue but I have discounted this as the chamber temps have been quite low and the filament has been near new or dry.
In thinking back about the models that were printing at the time, they were all circular in some way at the point of breaking.
I have a wild theory that as the toolhead is moving in a circular motion creating walls, the filament is turning inside the PTFE tube and is being broken off as it’s under twisting tension and at certain times when the nozzle is moving very slow or has a sudden opposite direction, the filament breaks. I’ve not had the time to try and recreate but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.
I’m not using a cable chain and the OEM PTFE and can’t feel any restriction. go slow and make sure the extruder isn’t engaged, there are files for an adapter for the PTFE tube intake on the toolhead on thingiverse find a design you like and print they get the PTFE at a better angle, there are a lot of complications with closed boxed machines with so much heat being generated sometimes the enclosure fan can’t keep up, give it a weak point in the filament from a previous print or even getting down to the last 10-15 meters of filament on a spool on some manufactures spools tolerances get wonky, retrace the line make sure you don’t see any visible wear and restart the print watch it at every rub point because if you can pinpoint it you can fix it, Good Luck and if you have updates post some pictures visuals help too

I quickly went to propping the front of the lid open about 3/4 to 1 inch on my P1S when using PLA. Releases the excess heat and you don’t hear the PTFE tube smacking the lid occasionally either.

Have seen zero print or adhesion issues from doing this.

The noclogger doesn’t work unless you remove the hotend assembly. In other words it’s pretty useless.
It’s not a heat issue. I’ve had failures at less than an hour in, on a oval shaped piece.

The hotend doesn’t need to be removed, thats what you are trying to unclog. Just stop if you don’t know how to use it thats fine It’s saved so many hotends and nozzles for me in every 1.75mm machine I’ve ever owned and it works on the bambu product line too

How do you get the noclogger past the extruder gears?

Nice to see you deleted your post when you realised that to take the extruder off, you have to remove the hotend first. You are either a shill for noclogger, or have never tried to use one on a Bambu lab hotend.