Broken Filament Stuck In The Bowden Tube Going To The Extruder

I have a small broken-off piece of filament stuck in the Bowden tube that goes to the extruder and I can’t seem to get the Bowden tube out of the extruder, can anyone explain the procedure to remove the Bowden tube?

Have you checked the wiki?

I also found this tool pretty helpful if you have another printer to print it.


There was something wrong with the WIKI, no matter what I put in the search box it just came up with a random page, I have that tool but in another format, it has the bowden release on one end and the AMS plug release on the other, I forgot all about it, thanks, I got the Bowden out and the broken filament, now I cant get the nozzle to go back in, it just wont push up.

Can you see through the extruder from the top, and if there is a piece of filament still stuck in there? Carefully pushing a small Allen key in from the top may dislodge an obstruction.

Same from the bottom - a cell phone camera pointing upwards may help. Is there a blob of anything molten? If so, somewhere in the Wiki there is a description of how to heat a small Allen key with a ball-end using a lighter to extract filament from the hotend - a similar exercise may help slowly soften a blob, then let it cool around the Allen key ball, and pull bits out piece by piece.

Check that the top of the nozzle’s diameter isn’t enlarged from molten filament too.

This Wiki article and its videos could be helpful: How to check which part is clogged | Bambu Lab Wiki

And this: Nozzle/Hotend Unclogging Procedure for X1 | Bambu Lab Wiki

I turned out to be a small piece of broken filament in the Bowden and the extruder.

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