BS Failed to install Network Plugin

just installed lates BS software
but its giving me an error, failed to install network plugin
I dont have any third party antivirus software, onlyt what comes with windows 11 and I disabled it


I had the same problem after I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Bambu Studio it worked.

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and same errors continues

Same here… Same issue…

UPDATE: Nvidia Broadcast. I had it running in background. once I quit that it installed normally

I installed Bambu Studio while Softfever was running and had this problem. Once I shut Softfever down, rebooted my machine and then installed Bambu Studio without opening other apps it loaded the plug-in installed with no problem.

I had a similar problem, and it appeared that MS Teams was somehow locking the existing plugin file which prevented Bmabu Studio overwriting that file during the installation.

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This! Keep in mind, Windows 11 has Teams installed by default and you have to quit it before installing the plugin :crazy_face: