BS Preview scroll bar skips layers

I sliced a print and sent it to the printer. The Device tab shows the correct layers (133 total), but the slicer preview shows 233 layers, when I scroll through the layers with the slider on the right, it will skip layers like 1-2-4-5-8-10-11-14 etc, it just jumps to another number without showing a layer.

I noticed this because it’s a multi color model and the preview said it would do the first color change on layer 35, but it changed color on layer 22, so I got confused and started scrutinizing the preview and noticed what I said above. I tried re-slicing it and it does the same thing.

What gives?

Depending on screen resolution vs. number of layers, that slider can be impossible to place on a specific layer using just the mouse, the keyboard arrows can be used for the final moves a layer at a time. But it doesn’t sound like that is the culprit. What version of Studio? Did you try some other version, or Orca Slicer? Can you share a model that triggers the weirdness?

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