BUG? Sending print file to printer does not save name

Quite frustrating when I prep several files for a print and when I send to the printer from the Bambu Lab Studio, It gives a default name of “Untitled_plate_1”.

I click the edit icon, change the name to the model name I have chosen, click send and it all looks OK.

5 files later I go to check on the printer and look in the folder at the printer control panel, and all I have is the last one that I sent, named “Untitled_plate_1”

Am I missing something?

Another oddity is that I do occasionally have a file that gets saved to the internal memory, not the SD card. Occasionally. Yet I can not pick and choose where the file gets saved to.

I am having both of those issues. I don’t know why it’s happenning, but it is annoying.

One thing that I have been able to get as a work around, is before I send to the printer, save the “project” to my hard drive, then I can send it to the printer and it keeps the name of the project it was saved as. 90% success. I still have several “Untitled” and “Unsaved” file names that show up even though I have saved them to my HD.

This just means that I have to keep a separate file for one offs so I can delete when done.

No change in print files randomly ending up in my printer RAM, not the SD card.

I noticed that even if I save my project to my computer before sending a sliced file/plate, the resulting filename on the printer defaults to the name of the first object on the plate, not the project name I selected when I saved the project. The dialog presented before sending to the printer shows a filename which matches the project name, but on the printer the name shows up as the name of the first object on the plate (usually - I’ve seen one instance where the filename on the printer was the filename of the last print that was printed on the printer)

I have this issue also - “Send” to printer’s MicroSD card, edit name and send. On printer it’s not the name I gave it. Since I’m here complaining, I’d like to see support for folders on the memory card.

Bambu Studio version and X1C firmware

Oh I just found this issue on the Bambu Github. I’m going to try the specific save steps to see if that addresses my issue.