Bug: Upload form lags for projects with a lot of files

I recently uploaded a model containing 162 files. After the STL file upload was completed, the form began lagging whenever I entered text (such as Model Name, Tags, Description, etc.). It’s barely usable, but this should not be an issue at all.

Browser: Chrome 125.0.6422.176 (but have noticed this before), Win 11 x64

We will check whether this is a common performance issue.
Did you uploaded this model finally?
If so, could you share with me the model url, that will help us reproduce the issue.

Try this one:

It appears that a JavaScript function is being triggered on every keypress, and as more files are uploaded, the longer it takes, causing input delays. This might be due to an evaluation script or local caching. The example below shows 5 keystrokes, each causing a sudden spike in CPU usage (highlighted in orange) before the character is even rendered:

(This example was recorded on a model page with approximately 300 STL files)

Each CPU spike lasts about 300 to 400 milliseconds, causing a total delay of approximately 1.5 to 2 seconds for a 5-character word. The duration of these spikes is closely related to the number of files uploaded. There is no source map available for the JavaScript files, so further investigation is not possible at this time. However, implementing debouncing for the script would significantly improve the situation.

(This statement is no longer accurate)

It appears my previous statement is no longer accurate. After uploading a model with five folders full of STLs (approximately 400 in total), the lag on each keypress persists or has returned.

Yes. The performance issue is not fixed yet.
We will try to figure out a solution in next month’s update.