Build plate detection BEFORE heating and bed calibration!

Hi Bambu Lab!

You did a great job with this printer, but does it really make sense to first

  • heat the bed up
  • heat the nozzle up
  • do a bed leveling
  • do the homing stuff

and then to detect if there is a build plate and eventually stop?

I would do the build plate detection before all the other stuff!

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You can opt out the build plate detection in the printers menu - is that what you are referring to ?

No he is saying that it is a waste of time to heat and level the bed before the machine says you have the wrong type of plate installed and you have to change it.


@mr1952, @froboz

Hi guys!

Froboz is right, it is just a waste of time (and electricity and material stress). Furthermore I have no idea how the hotbed likes it when the nozzle touches it without a build plate on it.

I agree 100%
I forgot the build plate, the printer stopped because it didn’t detect the build plate and sent a message. I installed the plate and pressed resume, that was a bad thing, very bad indeed. great way to damage the build plant and the nozzle …

I agree 100%. It’s bad enough that every print takes 7 minutes to get going. But it’s a huge waste of time to spend 5 minutes getting ready and THEN check the build plate. They should check this first. It’s quick and easy. When I neglect to update the build plate from a previous job, I have to start the 7 minutes all over again.

I hope Bambu reads these…

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There’s another good reason for reading the plate ID before doing anything else. If the plate is not sitting flat on the bed, because it is hung up by overlapping the plastic guide at the back, which is easy to do and hard to see in the dark interior, the print head will collide with the raised bed plate. My high temperature plate is scraped at the back edge and I expect it was caused by such a collision.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve just bought an X1 and am still learning my way around and it’s very frustrating to do all the checks before the bedplate type check. I had a quick look at the start code and I think I’ve found where the bed type check is done and will see if moving it to the top of the code moves the check. I’ll keep you posted.