Buildplate tray for P1P and X1 series

Wow, I did not expect this… It is doing pretty well on Already 62 people downloaded this design which is not bad for such a large print I think.

I would love to see your print of this on your machine if you made one!


What happened to the link for this file. I would like to download it

I moved it to Makerworld

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Outstanding design and concept. This was the kind of thing that one wasn’t looking for but when you see it you just say “yeah, I need that”.

The print was flawless. I have it installed on a P1P. I made one modification in the slicer and added a bracket for the backstop bracket just large enough to accommodate a bar magnet.

The magnet gave it that little “click” confirming the the plate made contact with the back.

I found the recessed lettering worked well with contrasting filament(see photo).

The only suggestions I might make are the following:

For fool-proof assembly, you may want to consider placing the notches in such a configuration that it’s impossible to assemble it incorrectly. I did not do this the first time and I used glue only to find out that I had them in the wrong order. Or alternatively, you could number or letter the side of each notch such that one can match each notch with the right connection much like the printable skins for the P1P do making it easier to line up similar notched plastic.

Consider making the top of the foot pads a tapered insert that would nest inside where the current feet grips are. The current foot pads are designed to be removed and replaced with anti-vibration fee. At the same time, provide a corresponding hole at the bottom feet which mirrors the feet of the printers legs above. Then the users simply transfers the feet from the printer to the bottom of your tray making the whole design more of a wedge concept. This would give the added rigidity to the whole assembly making for a more sure-footed design. (no pun intended)

One more suggestion would be to do one of the following:

a) Increase the inter-plate gap so that there is more spacing between the plates. I did find it a little cramped especially the bottom slot which is too close to the table surface for my fat fingers to grab comfortably.

b) Alternatively, consider moving the text to the bottom of the plate and shift all the plates up. This would keep the esthetically pleasing look of the text but would also increase the room from the bottom slot to the table top surface.

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Thanks for the compliment and nice adition with the magnets.

I am not sure I completely understand what you mean with the feet, but if you would like to make modifications to the design feel free to do so. The step files are included in the model, so it is easy to modify how you like it.

Nice make!

Well, now that I have your consent, I might just do that. As a courtesy I hate to step on an original idea this unique without them giving the OK. I also give you kudos for putting the STEP out there too. It’s truly a share alike sentiment that I wish more of us would follow.

If I do post a mod, I’ll of course attribute this design and of course include STEP files.

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I made some drawers in the back of the Buildplate base for keeping tools and other stuff neetly sorted. Let me know if you find this usefull and if you would like this to be included in the Makerworld model.

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I have added the slide out drawers to the Makerworld model here: THE BASE P1P - X1C - X1E - P1S by Chris1974 - MakerWorld

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