Buildplate tray for P1P and X1 series

I designed this buildplate tray so you can store your buildplates underneath the printer.

It raises the printer by 5cm.

Let me know what you think.



Looks very nice!

Make sure you tell people to re-run calibration so it can analyze the changes in vibration! :wink: :grin:

Why don’t you supply a link to it?

You might also add a couple slide out drawers on the side in the spare space …


It is a work in progress. When it is finished I will share it here.

There is not much room on the sides. The plates are quite big. But anyone can remix and is free to expand on the idea.

Did you already try it with your printer? May concerned would be that you move the center mass of the printer higher and it gets resonant or ‘shaky’

My thought too. The old ‘sand in the tower feet’ trick or some other variation to put some mass in those four towers perhaps might help?

I have mine on a pair of stacked Ikea Lack tables. I did some major reinforcing and added two 12x12x2 inch paver blocks under each and put it all on vibration pad feet. It’s stable as … well you know.

Doesn’t move at all during vibration calibration.

The feet should be pretty sturdy. I don’t think it wil give any problems. But I will print it soon and test it and let you know how it goes.

I printed the model and it came out nice. It works very well and I don’t see any influence on the printer by means of shaking or other behavior.

I have made the models available here: Bambu Lab P1P - X1 Carbon - P1S Buildplate Tray by Chris1974 - MakerWorld

Take a look and let me know what you think.


Looks good, have you done a resonance test to see how well the printer stands up to it?

Yes, the test finished without any hickups.

I also printed the 17 minute benchy and it came out perfect.

The machine is shaking no more than normal…

Wow, that came out looking great! Love the text, nice touch.

Do you have any feet on the bottom?

Thanks, I like it too.

There are no rubber feet underneath. I can imagine (depending on your table surface) it might start “walking” when printing a long print on high speed. Maybe some TPU feet can prevent that.

But it is easy to stick some rubber feet (like the kind for chairs on wooden floors) under it.

Yeah, you put the indents there and I have some nice rubber feet that are perfect for that, not too thick to allow shake but enough to keep it from sliding. :grin:

I really like this - where do you vote on Thangs? I just started using them, buh-by Thingiverse! LOL

I’m headed to F360 to remix with two small drawers on the back sides, unless you beat me! Race ya. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:

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You go right ahead Sir. I have no space around the machine to pull out the drawers in the back, so be my guest.

I will print some TPU feet one layer (0.2mm) thick and stick them under the feet just to be sure it will stay in place.

I am no Thangs expert either. This was my first upload . I am used to Thingiverse. You can sync your thingiverse uploads to Thangs. But Thingiverse is improving again aswell. They have a dedicated development team on it again, so don’t give up on Thingiverse just yet.

I will, and I don’t post a lot but I will post as a Remix on yours. {Small Bow}

They do seem to be getting better but they’ve gotten me several times with various problems. Thanks for the info on sync I’ll check it out.

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I put the TPU feet under it and it stays in place solid as a rock now.

If you make this tray yourself please post pictures. I would love to see it.

Cool! I haven’t ventured into TPU yet, so many other things to do, and I’d have to dry it.

I got yanked away from doing the drawers but it’s high priority for the next few days, I’ll be sure to report back. :smiley:

I created a little add-on for the buildplate tray so you can nicely store your glue stick and scraper and some tools.

You can find it here.


While I appreciate you doing the work and sharing. Personally I just printed some feet in TPU about 10mm taller which lets me get my fingers under the printer to lift it and lets me stash several build plates under it. I just keep them in and in-between the cardboard envelopes they came in. 5 build plates and 3 envelopes fit in about 7mm.

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Yes, that is an option too off course. But I like it to be a little more polished… :grin:

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Cute add on BTW! I hope to get some time to do the drawers in the next couple days.

I’m not a F360 wiz, but I get by. Thanks the stars for YouTube! LOL

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