Bumps in prints

I just got p1p a few days ago. I have been getting odd bumps in my print as shown. I calibrated.then installed orca for better calibration and still the same. It prints perfect on a ender 3 same file.

That makes perfect sense. Your P1P hardware is quite different, so you’ll need to adjust the slicer/printer settings to maximize the output of the new machine being used.

Some questions for you:

  • What kind of filament are you using?
  • Does that issue only occur on one side of the part?
  • Did you install the auxiliary part cooling fan? And if so, is it on while printing?

I did set up bambu and orca to slice it. No part cooling fan and appears any side on any side.

Also using bambu basic pla it came with

I made the experince that the infill which has crossings, are not a good solution for printing with the P1. I changed to Gyroid and with 0.16 layer height 5 top layers to have a smooth area. And even then on big items its a bit rough.

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Did you use the same filament on the Ender 3?

Regarding the print aesthetics, I would advise you on the following;

  1. Try the default profile of Bambu for their filament - for me, their retraction, flow rate and temperature settings (among others?) work pretty well and are hard to match;
  2. Reduce the print speed at the top layers - ironing may help depending on the print shape;
  3. Lower layer height (or use adaptative layers) to reduce the visible layers in the angled print - additionally reduce outer layer speed and check if the infill is sufficient (gyroid works well, but you may also check adaptative cubic or for increased rigidity the 3d honeycomb)

Try using a small printing test with similar angles as your print.

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I did originally use same filament. I just tried without arachne and got same. Ill try some of you suggestions.

any update for this one ?

im getting similar issues

hmm, arachne actually helped me though. I had this problem when using classic wall generator in bambu studio and have thin walls, where there is only 2 layers of wall loops and rest is gap infills. Slow down acceleration and printing speed helps a lot, especially acceleration. I also changed to arachne and have infill prints before walls. Fixed this completely but then I have holes/pits instead, probably because of uneven line width.