Camera Case STL/STEP File

If you’re like me and have already broken the tab on the camera casing for your P1P or X1, I’ve modeled up a simple replacement. Didn’t realize what the cable routing channel was for when I modeled it, so it’s not tested, but someone left a comment showing it working so it should be fine. Aside from that, the print orientation is important for the strength of the part, but honestly, I printed it in the easiest to print orientation and will just reprint if I break it again.

I would suggest PETG, but it works fine in an enclosed P1P with PLA. I didn’t model it perfectly identical but I think the field of view is very close to the original.

Thank you for sharing this!!! Just wondering if you have refined this part since?

Actually yes, this weekend I was refining it. Almost done, but I didn’t have the camera module’s dimensions to finish it. I didn’t want to pull mine apart to get it the dimensions, do you have your apart by any chance?

I don’t but I’m more than happy to pull mine apart again to help you out as you obviously spent a lot of time on this part already!

Oh… don’t worry about it, if its not convenient and already out, I’m almost done reverse engineering it from my broken original case.

I had a thought/spitball idea - I wonder if that little clip is the solution that we want to reproduce, if its so prone to breaking?

The thought is - would a sign assuming double sided tape be a “better” design, and focus the design element on positioning the cam correctly using the existing holes in the frame? I’ve put double sided tape on my cam on two sides (front and bottom) and seems to be holding pretty securely, with the front nub and what was left of my clip seeming to “locate and position” okay. I picked relatively weak tape (wig tape) so I can take it out if needed.

For me the problem was… does it slide left or right? I can never remember, so I always break it.
I made one with a arrow on it to help.

However, double sided tape does work very well.

Updated the model and moved it over to Maker World. It was optimized for resin printing but prints quickly and cleanly on FDM. It is a little fidgety in mounting the camera module, but it will fit.

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Hi! I tried clicking on it and it appears to be a 404. By any chance is it still in draft mode?

Someone reported it as having no printed picture, so it was revoked. I’ve re-uploaded it with a printed picture so the links should work fine now.