Camera noise / pixelation

Hey folks,

Just looking to see if anyone has had this issue pop up on their machines at all? This just started to happen to day. A quick power cycle seemed to resolve the issue at first but it ended up coming back.

Any ideas on a cause or solution? I am not sure if this is a hardware issue or if there is something funky going on with how the video stream is being sent from the printer.

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You can clean the lens and see if it helps but yes some people had to get the camera replaced.

Chamber Camera

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The lens is clean, this looks like either sensor noise or a video compression issue to me. I am not sure how the video feed is being sent to the software, I am assuming that the feed is being routed through their servers, though it would make more sense to have a direct connection on the local network.

Fingers crossed I don’t have to replace the camera.

You might want to start a support ticket it will be a few days to get help.

Have a good one :v:


Same issue here, started today - yesterday everything was ok.

Looks to be stuck in high ISO mode (low light mode). If your lights are working, the camera may have an issue. The camera will assess the light and then determine what settings are best. Looks to think the lighting is super low.

Just to be clear, have either of you modified your lighting?

What happens when you turn your light off?

I’m not a camera wiz… Not with the hardware anyway, but that looks like a sensor issue to me.

With something like this type of camera, I’d be checking connections to see if anything is loose.

Apparently it is a problem with the temperature of the camera, when the chamber heats up it starts to look bad. I did a test by putting a fan on it and as soon as the temperature drops a bit it start looks good again

That can definitely occur, but what temps are you seeing this occur at? I haven’t seen a temp higher than 50C in the chamber where the camera is. I would assume the sensor would need to see more than that to degrade. Most cheap modules can get close to 70C operating environments.


Mine had gone from bad to mostly unusable. After validating it wasn’t a connection issue support sent a replacement. I print a lot of ABS so chamber gets to 50-52C and stays there for hours. We shall see if the replacement has any issues.

I’m seeing the same problem. It is not a dirty lens. It is sensor noise.

When I first start printing something, the camera seems to work fine. But then later in the print, I see this noise. The lights in the printer are working so I would be surprised if this was noise from low light levels. I think it happens when the camera gets warm.

I will try shining a light in the printer and then opening the door wide with a fan blowing into the printer next time this happens to see if I can confirm that it is light or temperature-related. I have an IR camera and will check the camera temperature with it.

Has anyone seen this issue and solved it?


Support ended up replacing my camera. I’ve been printing lots of ABS with no issues for the replacement.

Im having exactly the same problem. I opened a ticket and received a reply that I should check the cable, then one that I should clean the lens, then crickets. How do I get Bambu to respond?

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if the camera selection is 1080 it becomes pixillated and un un-useable.
Can anyone help with this ???


I noticed it a few weeks ago. Normally I don’t watch the camera that mutch.

Only having problems when printing High temp materials.
In my case when my chamber temp rises above 38 degrees , the camera is giving problems. Heavy colornoise. When the printer cools down, the image of the cam is going back to normal.

Still love this printer. :wink:



I had the same issue. My camera was almost unusable. I was able to get it fixed by switching the resolution back in forth. In my case, I went 1080p to 720p and it cleared immediately. When I went back to 1080 it remained clear. You can do this by clicking on the Hex on the top right of the status window when in the device tab. Hope this helps.

Never used since it’s a Chinese company, give up on the camera. The printer is good, but there is simply a Chinese war in the world. I don’t even use the internet connection on the printer. Cover the camera with paper!

Same thing happened to me a moment ago. I made a support ticket.