Camera not streaming after update

I just upgraded to 1.07.03 on X1C and camera no longer works on laptop or handy app. Closed and opened both laptop and handy no change.

While the camera trys to reload, I always get the line under the camera display alternating between “Loading”, and “Load Failed [-90]!”

percent complete is continuously updating. After I upgraded the unit, I cycled power and then both AMS units showed up. Started another print and the camera error presented.

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Having the exact same issue here, 100% the same.


Same here - hoping this get solved soon. I still have status in the app just not the video feed.

Check out this article and run “ffmpeg.sdp” and see if your video returns. It is very simple to do.

Running “ffmpeg.sdp” will show a video from the chamber in your media player (the built-in windows player or something like VideoLAN VLC if another has been installed and set as the default player).

That may confirm if Bambu Studio still can display video, and if it may have to be reinstalled.

Make sure to enable the “Go Live” option here:

I upgraded the software and get the same issue. Now i downloaded next beta and then the camera works again so it is software related issue - no doubt about it.

My issue was resolved by exiting all applications, then starting the printer and laptop app. Previously all were rebooted but I did not have them all exited at the same time.

My conclusion was that there was something hanging around in the laptop app instead of initializing properly.