Camera Rotation

Rotating the camera has a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

Sometimes when you’re so zoomed in that the model fills the screen, there is no way to rotate the camera because you move the model instead.

Also, the point around which the camera rotates is not identified, so sometimes when you go to rotate around a certain point to gain a better view of a part, rotation swings your view far away from what you are looking at.

My off-the-cuff suggestion would be to add a key-press or maybe middle mouse button that brings up pointer. You click on a point on the model or build plate, which brings identifies the surface of the model/build plate, with a stick with ball on the end, pointing up out of it. The ball represents the location around which rotation will occur. Then that stick could be grabbed and rotated around the point of contact with the model, or else extended/collapsed to increase or decrease the distance away from the identified point on the model or plate.

It’s been a while, but I know that a lot of video games I played as a kid had problems with camera angels, but several were very easy to navigate; I’m sure there are better ways out there that could be adopted by the software.

Thank you for reading my request.

FYI this function is already available by using a 3d mouse. It does exactly what you’re looking to do in Bambu Studio without clicking.



GIF 2023-11-28 3-37-59 PM