Can an A1 Mini Owner answer this please

My A1 Mini is on pre-order, but some of my spare parts came already.
The spare A1 Nozzles I ordered came with a bag with 2 screws in it.
The nozzle has a magnet, so what are the screws for…??

I asked Bambu, they wanted pics. I sent pics & they replied that they are spares…lol
Spares for what…??


I have no idea what the screws are for but I can ensure you that you don’t need them to change the nozzle.

Those screws are not machine screws, those are typically used for plastic tapping. I think you just ended up with some random screws. FWIW on occasion as Bambu improves things some times older hardware includes parts that may have had a use previously. My A1 showed up with 5 bowden tubes, but in fact only 4 are used. I had an early unit which had 5. Spare parts are pretty common with 3D Printing and companies. Just save your parts in a box, once your printer shows there are plenty of designs out there to store them in. :slight_smile:

I thought there might be for the extruder cover or something.
Screws came with both new nozzles, I couldn’t find any info on the Wiki…that’s why I put in a ticket.

As for your 5 bowden tubes, all the info I’ve seen is that you do get 5…
4 for the AMS & 1 shorter tube for the spool holder to be used for TPU, Glow In The Dark & Carbon Fiber filaments.

Are they hex Allen screws? For what hex screw size?

Perhaps are some of these:

Don’t see anything that uses 2 M2x8’s.

Perhaps these?

Used in this part:


Yes, I think that’s probably it. It’s the only thing that remotely makes any sense.

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I got the same random screws today with my hardened steel hot ends.