Can no longer connect P1P to Wifi, incorrect password error

I’ve had my P1P working and connecting fine in general to my network for several months but this morning it wouldn’t connect initially with bambu studio to send a print. Looking at the printer it seems that the IP address had somehow changed to After several unsuccessful attempts from logging in/out of bambu studio (it is also the latest version) and via bambu handy to connect up i’ve even done a factory reset. The app goes through the process of binding but every time after entering the network password it briefly flashes up an error message associated with incorrect wifi password (but it is correct). So the printer now doesn’t have my id logged in nor is it configured for wifi.

Any suggestions??

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As an update, i’ve managed to get it back working now. I went to my modem and refreshed the channel mode which changed it to another one. The app then managed to accept the wifi password and logon to the account and wifi. The printer then had a firmware update message which has been successful. So now i’m back to normal again!

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Hi, do you happen to have xifinity? The admin tool no longer allows me to edit the channels. How did you go about doing it?

For my problem it was a case of logging on to my router via a browser (e.g. using as the ip address) and selecting a different wifi channel via the settings and allowing it all to reboot. There was no need to use dedicated software.