Cannot Speed Up PETG Profile?

I have noticed that if I have a given part and switch between two different materials I get different print speeds on the same print profile. I just got some elegoo rapid PETG, and created a profile for it based on generic petg, and set the flow rate to 22mm^3, yet the same part and print profile with generic ASA limited to 12mm^3 somehow prints faster?

54 mins for the petg profile at 22mm^3, and 27 mins at 12mm^3 for asa, what gives here? Are there other settings effecting print speed beyond the volumetric flow limit, even with the same print profile? Is this tied to material type with some kind of internal limit? I dont understand why asa would print so much faster in this case? Should I recreate a Rapid PETG profile as pla and change the temps to match PETG?

Answering my own question, it was caused by slow print speed for better cooling being activated in the filament cooling section. Upon unchecking that box it dropped print time significantly.