Cant calibrate flow rate

Hi, i was trying to calibrate flow rate in bambu studio’s calibration tab. After printing it ask to choose the best one but all look the same which is odd. This is how they look can any of you see the best one or what is wrong?

Best regards chriz 3D printing noob

Yeah , all looking really bad
what filament type are you using

  • Factory reset , machine calibration - to ignore observed FW upgrade issues

  • Dry the filament - possible but can’t imagine that will be so bad ( fillament dependent)

  • check that you turned off(untick) the dynamic auto flow control - it looks like main issue here as it looks like way off

  • check what is your flow value in the filament first, I would suggest to set it to 1.00 , before you start the calibration, some filaments may have higher values but if PLA usually is under 1.00

  • try another filament if you used before to ignore clogged nozzle or some HW issue

Unlikely but worth checking:
you may want to try OrcaSlicer instead which you can specify the Pressure advance ( dynamic flow control ) for PLA starting point is 0.02 for PETG is 0.05 for ASA usually 0.04-0.05 for ABS varies my values are around 0.03 . Any way you can calibrate it after the flow calibration

You have an issue with extrusion.

Some assumptions (or things to check). Please confirm:

  • you finish the flow dynamics calibration before;
  • you are using the manual calibration as the nozzle isn’t a 0.4mm diameter;
  • you skipped the complete flow rate calibration and selected the fine based on the flow ratio. What value did you use? 1?
  • filament is dry
    *printer firmware is updated correctly;

If everything above is checked and right, I would start by looking at the extruder and nozzle, as you may have a partial clog.

But start by the beginning, and in case of doubt about how to verify anything, tell.

This also looked like this with me once. I had performed the manual calibration of the flux dynamics and made a mistake by one decimal place when reading the value (e.g. 0.35 instead of 0.035).

Best regards

It must have been a clogged i did a cold pull and disassembled the hotend to and cleand the gears and now it works thanks for all the help much appreciated. Best regards, Chriz