Can't get P1S to print the part correctly

Basically have been trying to print out a toy truck bed and it’s just not working. Tried flipping it 180 degrees because I thought it would make it better - still not happening. What’s missing here? Is this a setting issue? Temperature?

I think you just need to add supports

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Are you talking about the brim?

Can you share a screenshot of the model so we can see how it’s oriented in your slicer before starting the print?

Sure. Attached. There’s a few other pieces on the plate and they all came out stringy like that. :frowning:

Areas that don’t touch the build plate will require supports – since it’s impossible to print in mid air in most cases.


Most of those models should print without support if oriented correctly. Do you have a link to the models so we can give you some visual pointers on orienting them?


Attached, thank you. I was actually able to print all of that stuff before as I made one model previously. Sadly I didn’t save the plates that worked correctly so now I’m fighting this gain. :frowning:

This is how I would print the first 2 models. The “Auto Orient” button (3rd from the left at the top) is really handy to get models in the orientation that that slicer thinks is best. If you look at the model, all of the potential overhang areas have 45~ degree angles added to them so they print without support.

The rear fenders are harder parts to print and you will need support. You might try positioning them so the support interface (often not visually appealing) is on the inside of the fender as shown below.


I try to avoid supports, but when necessary, tree/hybrid supports are usually easier to remove with less damage to the part.

Sometimes you have to try several methods to see which one works best for a particular model.

Thanks everyone, this is really good stuff. I’ll try.

Fender were a huge pain first time around but somehow I was able to print them fairly well before.