Can't import from Printables

Agree. This is the early Myspace/Friendster/Facebook days of repositories. I’m not making any money from any of the sites so I tend to upload designs based on where I got the inspiration from.

Bambulab took a shot across the bow when they priced their A1 Mini + AMS lite the same price as the Prusa Mini… :smirk:

Printables does the same with Thingiverse.
Weird that they don’t accept this.

Replying to sub and say I’m seeing the same.

It is working now. The link is gone in favor of just a string of letters/numbers. Though I completed the process I do not see anything on the Makerworld side. May not be ready for prime time yet.

The linking worked for me
The whole thing feels like Prusa is conceding defeat.

No still: Spam has been detected. If you think your text is correct, contact us at

I went to makerworld, started to create a fresh link, got something like an 8 hex digit code to put into the bio (not a URL!), added that to the bio, then completed the process on makerworld.

Makerworld did an upgrade. Import is now possible.

Indeed it works now with the new given code. Prusa’s answer to a question about this:

"Our content team was checking on that issue and they found out that there was some issue on the Makerworld end. Makerworld has replaced the verification link with a verification string, but that issue should already be solved.
You can try updating your bio on Printables now; you should not get spam detection anymore."

So not (entirely?) Prusa’s fault it seems.

Thats a ususal answer. I assume that on printables side a algorithm detected a lot of makerworld links in the bio and placed this in the SPAM Queue.

At the end: Now it works!

Finally!! it works!!

I’ve inserted the string of letters and numbers into my printable bio and says linked but I’m failing to actually see what it’s doing. How do I go about importing my models from there to makerworld?

After connecting to your Printables model website account (using the token Maker World generates), go to: UPLOAD/Import from a third-party website


how to use import from third-party ?

I don’t blame Printables. Prusa had been very open about everything including parts and models for a long time. Then they were outgunned. From my perspective they got over confident and did not position themselves for marketing and procurement as well as BL. Bl selectively took every advantage of open source, using Prusa programming and open technology, using their Printables site because they did not yet have their own. And then keeping BL parts and tech close to the vest. I have stopped uploading my designs to Printables because I now do all my work on BL machines and feel like a traitor if I were to use the Printables site to post them. I used to put a lot of designs up on Thingyverse as well, but gladly switched to Printables due to idiotic Makerbot (thingyverse) policies, crappy programming of their site, and advertising (while I subsidize their business model).
I think that Printables is a day late and a dollar short, but I do not blame them. Still, I agree, at this point they look a bit foolish. They have been open source for a long time and have fueled an industry. When they got blindsided it was a wake up call. To compete now they need to study the BL business model carefully. Nevertheless, I am dismayed at some BL policies and programming integration (logins, “security features” and limited aspects of P1X programming and display).
If and when I do post anything at BL’s Makerworld, it will be BL oriented designs that I will not also post at Printables. And I agree, when a poster uploads something leave it alone, and let other makers separately leave printing suggestions. I am sure that users eventually will learn how to use the BL software to achieve the results they desire. And others will comment, as it should be. Too many ignorant and poorly programmed bots already stinking up everything online.

Escargatoire of Snail would beat prusa on their next printer. :snail:

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