Can't import from Printables

I try to import my models from Printables. Added the requested link as a social link to Printables but MakerWorld does not recognize it. Printables denies adding the link in the info field.

It sould be good, if the link inside the profile would be recognized.

thats because you need to paste the link in the bio, not as a social link. But prusa will detect the link as Spam and won’t let you paste it. Basically, Bambulabs is trying to force all the bios on Printables to have a link to makerworld, and Prusa does not like that, so they are detecting the links as “spam”…

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Yes. But its possible to add it as a social profile. So, the parser from MakerWorld can be easy enhanced to detect this also. Just a siggestion.

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Same here, should go off the social link if printables wont allow this in the bio.

There are identical complains which seem to be a new issue.
According to users, Prusa blocked any bambu makerworld URL as spam.
Also, it was mentioned that the social link was not recognised.

Ran some experiments and I cannot put makerworld in my bio, a model description or even a model title. Comes back as spam. I guess Prusa is nervous about the competition. Though basically holding Creative Common models as hostage is just tacky. If they keep it up, I will just manually upload the models I created out of spite.

For what it’s worth - same issue here, Printables is blocking the ability to import into MakerWorld - using the exact same method that Printables uses to import from Thingiverse! Slimy on the part of Printables.

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Prusa did add this blockade today. Yesterday there was no problem with adding makerwold url to bio.

Anyone has asked Printables about this matter?? I hope it’s not a premeditated tactic, I would be very disappointed in Printables and their ethics…

Sounds like they’re painting themselves as loosers?

Dunno where to “ask”. The spam notice says to email, so I did:

Blocking makerworld URLs in the bio to prevent account linking is so lame. You are painting yourselves as LOOSERS. I’m relatively new to 3D printing. I hesitated between a Prusa printer and a Bambu. I like many things about your company but decided for a Bambu. I’ve downloaded a lot of models from printables and have a dozen queued up for uploading. But I don’t want to upload to a loosing site. I think I’m going to upload to makerworld as a result. You’re destroying your brand.

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lmao - prusa is deliberately blocking the link in the bio to prevent the imports from working.

Sure! I wrote them an email to the address mentioned in their “Spam” alert.


You guys see the latest ceo interview from bambu? Sounded like they implemented some limits on their end aswell.

Did they answer you?? What did they say??
I find this attitude pretty annoying from their part!!

What do you think?
Well, nope. Silence.
Okay, it’s weekend. Let’s wait until Monday.

I agree with you, it is so lame!! I’ll write them too. Lets see what they say…

Same problem for me. I wrote them an email to unblock makerworld urls or I will delete my printables account with my one model and never buy their filament again by the end of the month.

thats it! i was able to do it some time ago, but now they deleted the link from my bio :laughing: :laughing:

I don’t need printer companies engaging in petty squabbles over the creative commons, this looks bad from all angles for both companies. Get out of our space, now.