Can't rate model or profile

If I start another print job before rating the previous print, the option disappears? I can go into print history but there doesn’t seem to be a way to rate the model (from the webpage or app). If there’s multiple pieces that need printing to complete the model I should be able to rate it after completing all of them so I can upload a picture along with the star rating.
Also, just because I believe strongly about it, you shouldn’t be able to rate someone’s profile, only the model design.

There’s a rating tab here:

Or in the app there is a purple ratings ‘folder’ under ‘me’.

I think you’re spot on about splitting out model vs profile ratings though. There are lots of times where it’s appropriate to have separate ratings for either.

Thank you, I found it in the app. It doesn’t appear to be possible from studio after you start another job. I raised this as a ticket, as I believe it’s a little counterintuitive to have it in the ratings folder under “me” and not available from the printing history tab.

This doesn’t seem to be available for me. I disabled “Save my print history” option at makerworld dot com/en/u/settings, and I use my printer in LAN mode. I don’t know which of these two is impacting my ability to rate print profiles or models. :frowning:

Probably “Save my print history” is impacting it.

Both of them may affect this.
Currently, a print profile need to be printed before it’s rated.
If it is printed via LAN mode, or without “Save my print history”, MakerWorld does not know the printing information.

Thanks for the confirmation. I enabled “Save my print history” while keeping “Save my print file” off and will report back if it helps.

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It is. No history, no rating.