Can't review and post pic of successful print on Bambu Handy Android?

Did the app change? I post a design and print profile on Makerworld. Then I always print the uploaded profile just in case directly from the Bambu Handy App. The Bambu Handy Android app no longer lets me review or Rate print profiles afterwards and post pics and suggestions.

Click on “Me” then “Rate”.

But, I don’t think you can rate your on profile.

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Well, yes I wanted to rate my own printer profile. I could until yesterday rate my own. I guess I understand why I should not be able too, but it would be wise to encourage us to actually print from the Bambu handy as a test!

When you upload a Profile, there is a check box to check.

I agree on that and I always click it, but the profile is not yet posted. I think I owe it to whoever prints directly from the Bambu Handy app to go one step further and test print it from the app after it is posted. Plus then I know others will have successful print.