Certain areas on p1s are electrically charged

When I touch the metal screws on the top left corner of the glass door, I get electrically shocked. This also happens in multiple other areas, such as the screws underneath the bed. When I turn off the printer the charge still remains for over a minute.

Edit: the problem was faulty grounding and a broken outlet expander. Sorry for the hassle.

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Check to make sure you have a correctly wired plug with a connected ground.


Check the grounding of your plug and/or plug outlet, switching power supplies can have a low leakage current over the ground and improper grounding will create a potential between the metal chasis and ground thus you can get shocked.

Are you talking about a single static type shock, like when you touch a door knob, or with it turned on, no matter how many times you touch it you get zapped? Do you have a voltmeter to see how much voltage there is? Are you sure you’re plugged into a grounded outlet?

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Are you sure it isn’t static discharge? When wearing certain shoes, I get shocked by my x1c, p1p, and p1s. upon first touch of the unit. Sometimes its quite painful. Ive started taking a shoe off real quick before I touch them to ground myself out.

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I am 100% sure it isn’t static.

I am 100% sure it isnt static

My outlet is grounded. I don’t think that is the problem because it gets worse the hotter the bed temp. Could it be a wire that is touching some metal part that electrifies the printer? If so then it would be a hardware issue because I think I have had this issue since I got it.

Sounds like there is a stray connection that isn’t grounded properly. AC power is a little more complicated and arguably dangerous to diagnose if you don’t fully understand what you are looking for.

One thing to confirm, are you using a make-shift extension cord or 3 to 2 prong power adapter? Because the ground prong’s purpose (3rd prong on 3 prong cords) is to give the current somewhere to go beside into you when thing aren’t perfectly insulated.

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I would say you have an issue with the bed cable then. Support ticket is best option. I would directly ask for a replacement bed cable.

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Even though an outlet has a ground lug hole, there is no guarantee that it’s actually grounded. We’ve walked a number of users through trouble shooting a printer with a similar shock issue and it usually turns out to be faulty outlet wiring. You can buy cheap outlet testers that will check for proper wiring but even these aren’t 100% perfect.

That being said, there may be cases where a screw on the printer is touching a part of the printer that is connected to the ground system on the printer and maybe you’ve found them. I’ve not looked into this possibility.


The heater bed runs on mains voltage and is connected to the units ground as well. There can be a small leakage current to ground from the PTC heater that varies with temperature so if you can feel that than you must have a faulty ground connection somewhere or the build plate heater bed has a faulty PTC heater

I have a grounded outlet expander that expands the number of outlets there are. It has a light that says it is grounded.

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Never mind, I bought a tester and found out that the outlet expander is broken. Will need to get a new one but for now just using the regular outlet works.


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