Change the timelapse file format from AVI to MP4

The timelapse files saved in the SD card of my P1P are in AVI format. This video format is not very convenient as it cannot conveniently shared on social media platforms and messaging apps (like Telegram) so I am forced every time to manually convert these timelapse videos to MP4 format.

Often the timelapse of a single print takes multiple files and when I try to open one of them in AviDemux I get the error “Malformed header”. HandBrake handles them fine but it does not support video files concatenation (merging), so in order to convert the timelapse parts of a single print into a single video I must first use HandBrake to convert these AVI files to MP4 one by one and then use AviDemux to merge them.

Is there a way to set the printer to save these timelapse files in MP4 format instead of AVI? If not, what is the best place to suggest this feature to Bambu Labs?


I just using an iOS app called Joint Craft to download timelapse from my P1S, it can save timelapse as MP4 to photos or share it directly to other apps like Telegram.


In VLC you can also Convert video’s in the Media-menu (CTRL + R)

Use in the settings the H-265 for Video codec and MPEG 4 Audio (AAC) for Audio codec and you those video’s are also accepted by Whats-app.