Change wall thickness locally in Bambulab studio?


If you want to use inserts for threads, the wall thickness usually needs to be much thicker than standard (2 passes). Is there any option to change the wall thickness only locally (for holes) rather than globally?

Or what do you do if you want to use inserts such as ruthex Gewindeeinsatz M3 (100 Stück) - Gewindebuchsen für den 3D Druck


Add modifiers (cylinders) around the mounting holes then change the wall counts within those modifiers.

Thanks for the hint! How can I avoid that the outer wall is split?

For the very slight difference in time and amount of filament used, you’re better off just increasing the amount of walls to 3 or 4, which is enough for inserts. The bonus is your whole print will be much stronger.

In some cases yes, in other cases not. The proposed wall thickness of the inserts I have posted is 2.1mm for M4, which corresponds to 5-6 passes.

If you have a large part with only a few inserts, you probably don’t want to increase the wall thickness that much…

I would like a feature in Bambulab Studio, the same as for adding or removing support. Just mark the corresponding wall and set another value.

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That pretty much describes the modifier object feature that already exists.

Then please tell me how I can avoid what I have shown in the image?

You could set the modifier so it’s just below the surface, so the top 1 or 2 layers aren’t affected by the modifier.

Ok, I will try. Aligning the modifiers might be a bit cumbersome though.

THANK YOU. I’m fairly new to 3D printing and had to research this capability in the slicer. Super cool! Thanks for sharing.

Good advice, however the cylinders don’t snap to the existing holes (they should really), making aligning them hard work.
My advice is to actually model them into the design as separate wall cylinder bodies, when you export you’ll have the main body and all the hole walls as additional bodies, simply select all these hole bodies and set the wall to some large value (the slicer wont add walls beyond the boundaries of the body).
This worked for me.
I’d like to see holes identified by the slicer in future and ‘hole walls’ be a settable feature. Here’s hoping.

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