Changing Filament on AMS. Don´t do that. Definitely

Don’t do that. Definitely.

Earlier, printing a part with Bambu Lab filament (white spool, which came with the P1S), through the AMS, 4 slots full, the others with Bambu Lab PLA Basic filaments, a unique problem occurred.

To understand, I used the filament that came with the P1S to finally run out, as it was at its end. I miscalculated, it wouldn’t be enough to print the entire piece.
Then came the “smart”, “genius” side of me (irony), and as soon as I saw the roll running out, I decided to add another Bambu Lab filament, Matte PLA, trying not to interrupt the printing, as I always did with other printers. (Qidi, Elegoo, Artillery) that I have always used.

Well, everything stopped. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I closed the matter and gave up on printing. But this procedure had consequences.
AMS no longer recognizes Bambu Lab PLA Matte filament. Once, twice, nothing.
I tried switching slots with another completely normal one. Result: both started to be ignored. AMS recognized neither.
And it was like that with the four filaments, until then normally used by the AMS itself, and nothing.

Then error messages began to appear on the display. But my stubbornness spoke louder.
I tried to reset the AMS. I tried loading another filament. I turned the P1S and AMS on and off several times.

Only after some time, I decided to try to understand what the error message was saying.

HMS_07FF_2000_0002_0004: Please pull out the filament on the spool holder from the extruder.

HMS_0700_2000_0002_0004: The AMS slot1’s filament may be broken in the tool head.

From then on, all you had to do was unload and then load any filament for everything to return to normal.
That simple.

No need to open the print head, no need to unclog the PTFE tube, this magnificent printer had already told you what needed to be done.

And turn the P1S on and off, then restart Bambu Studio, and finally resync the AMS to return everything to full functionality.

I hope this testimonial is useful at some point.

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You calmed down and read and figured it out, and came to share what you learned. This is much better than some others who would have fired up a huge complaint calling the machine by some choice words.


Thanks for sharing. I had a similar story only 3 days after receiving my printer; however, my error came from the filament breaking off just outside of the extruder. I when I found the print had stopped, I went through a whole range of emotions thinking I had bought a lemon, but when I actually read the error, I realized something was up, and I opened the ptfe tube just above the tool head and there was the filament sticking out.

I’m actually glad this happened early in my owning the printer, because it taught me a lesson to pay attention to the errors. They are great at telling you where to go to fix the problem.

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