Choosing Sides for Male/Female Connectors on Cut

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having a lot of problems lately trying to cut up complicated models into parts with connectors, for ease of printing.

This post is about trying to control which side of the cut gets a male connector and which gets a female. I am trying to control this so that the “cut off” part of the model has the female end so it can be placed on that flat side, as the rest of that part of the model will have no flat base upon which to lay.

So far I have been unable to control it through any visible UI options, nor from reversing the cut 180 degrees.

Is there something that escaped my attention, or perhaps this would be more of a UI/functionality request?

Thank you.

I have the same question, have you found a solution?

You can use the dowel option rather than the plug option, this way you have female on both sides and you’ll always have a flat base and use the printed dowel to assemble.

To reverse the side of plug connectors, there may be a direct option but did not find it but an other is just flip your model 180° (or any angle) before cutting and select flip after cut for whatever part to stand flat after cut although you can still re-orient each part after the cut.