Christmas Gifts from Bambu Lab


This is awesome! So much to play with!

I’m downloading the Bambu Studio update right now… going to try to get the firmware as done as my print is done!

Thanks Bambu for your awesome printer and you’re wonderful updates… you are killing the competition and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I’m just amazed at how awesome my X1CC is… I love the entire setup! Give us more guys! We’re hungry for the changes your making in the industry!


How to remove this prit from the home screen in Bambu Lab properly?
Bambu, please add a right click on this print so we can remove it !!!

Please update to the latest Studio version and it will be removed

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But Bambu Studio does not propose any new version even if it is asked to check if a new version exists. For Bambu Studo version is the latest version.

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That’s because it isn’t released yet. It is in beta.

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Yes I saw, I have install it, not yet tested.