Clog detection with Filament Buffer

The bambu extruder uses a simple switch to detect if it has filament loaded, making it imposible to detect if the filament is moving, so I thought it would be interesting to use the Filament Buffer to detect if the filament it’s been extruded or if the printer has a clog, it already detects if the AMS needs to feed more filament, why not use it to detect clogs too?

It could work by pausing the print and sending an error when no movement of filament is detected when the extruder is pushing filament.

It would be nyce to have a notification on the Handy app and Bambu Studio too.

This function will be limited to be used only with the AMS, but I think its better than nothing.

Other solution is for bambu to make a new filament sensor, based on some kind of encoder, but that would be a lot more complicated that just using the hardware we already have.


They could sense the current being drawn by the extruder stepper to detect a jam. Motor torque goes up in proportion to load so if the filament stop moving the load will go way up. But it would need to be “smart” since in a jam the filament drive gear quickly strips the filament and motor load goes down again. It’s not like detecting that the printhead has reached a limit of travel, where motor torque goes up and stays up…


That’s why I think it’s easier to use other sensor for that, using the buffer will be way easier and more precise.

Also I think the could design a replacement for the filament sensor where it uses an encoder instead of a magnet.

Anyway, for what we have now, the buffer is the easiest way I think.

Not every X1C has a buffer. That’s only present with an AMS.


I know, I said that on the first post, that this will be a function only compatible with AMS, but I would prefer an easy working solution, that is already half way through because de buffer already detects if the filament moves, exclusive to the AMS than not having it.
Think of it as a firmware feature for the AMS unit.

And someone ofc beat me to it :slight_smile:
I was just about to suggest the same. I have X1C with AMS hub and it would be relatively easy to spot a clog, all the sensors are there already, just not used in the way we’d like to :stuck_out_tongue:

So, +1 for this feature from me. I just caught my printer printing in air for the last 4 hours sigh

It happend to me too, had problems with to many retractions in too little time and clogged, but as you said, the hardware is there, just needs a little tweak

I also was surprised to find out the printer continuing to print without any filament coming out, without any warning. I’m surprised it’s not already implemented, as you said it doesn’t look so difficult to do.

This would be great to have. It will never save a print, but might just prevent a clogged hotend and save a lot of time in any case.

Same here, it happened to me twice, coming back to my printer to see it print nothing in mid-air. AMS has a detection when filament is stuck, so it shouldn’t be hard to detect that filament doesn’t roll / get out when is clogged with AMS.

This is a problem with single filament feeding as well. if the roll gets stuck then the printer just keeps going. I purchased a flow sensing device with the plan in mind to tie it in some how, but realized there is now way to link it up. I would have to do a power kill or something like that. if bambu just had a way to add sensors to a single filament feed system. I would buy it! I would love to know how it all works as well.