Color change on first layer with AMS

I am currently printing a flat item using AMS with the final couple of layers having a multicolor pattern on them.

This prints fine.

However I would like to print it upside down so that the pattern is on the PEI bed and gets the texturing. In the preparation all looks good but when I slice the pattern disappears.

What needs to be done to get this to work?

What needs to be done to get this to work?

You need to post some pictures to show what you’re doing and what the slicer is doing.

The pattern might not actually be flat, after you flip the model try using split to objects and the parts should fall flat to the build plate, then use assemble to put the model back together, then slice and see if that helps. I created a video on doing this with Text. Link:

It started working, I suspect it may have been a glitch.

I placed my design print side up, all was OK. I then aligned print side down and slicing removed it. I tried several times and it still did not work.

In the end I aligned one edge with bed and then the print side and it worked.