Color layer showing in multiple layers

I am designing a coaster in orange and black. I have a graphic which is .2mm thick and I am using .2mm layers. Orange is the base color and black is the graphic color. Looks as it should in preview, but when I slice it, parts of the black graphic are now 2 layers down causing a filament change for two layers before the main layer containing the black graphic. The final print is fine. It slows the print down a lot changing filament on layers it should not be changing. Any way to address this? The model was designed as a simple disk and the graphic was made from a .jpg file thrown into inkscape and then tinkercad to make the .stl file at .2mm height. The two were combined as one .stl and the imported into bambu studio and colored.

How I quickly fix this is to use the painting feature to color by height range everything I don’t actually want to change to the base color.

This occurs from the differences in files as they export from various tools with different tolerances, accuracies, etc. etc. So 2mm from tinkercad might actually be 2.000000001mm, causing bambu to slice an extra amount.

So in your case I’d color everything below the top 2 layers black. (or bottom 2 if you’re printing the coaster upside down like a lot of people do for the textured bottom)

Hey that’s a neat trick! Thanks for sharing. Very helpful for my workflow

Oh having learned over the six months since this post - a modifier block to override color is probably the better way to do this.