Colour and Brand selection

Hi Bambu,

Ive been printing mostly with Bambu Filament, but I also have some novelty filaments from eSun, PolyMaker and CCD. These sre usually luminous, or multi colour silk filaments.

My problem is configuring these filaments I have to pick a single flat color and “generic” as the brand.
Which means I cant tell the difference via the software which colour I have loaded in a slot. i.e. PolyMaker white vs eSun luminous both get “Generic” and White settings.

I’d like to list my own brand names that appear on all devices in the ams slot pickers, (ie in Handy, Studio and on the printer).

Id also like to split a colour into 2 or 3 halves/thirds, for a single slot. And maybe some patterns to distinguish a luminous vs just white, maybe dots, stripes for example.