Colour settings on scale option in Bambu Studio incorrect

Is there a fix or option in Bambu Studio to correct the colours for the X an Y directions in the Scale option as they are incorrect

No, they are correct and correspond to the XYZ positions colors in the lower left color scheme of the bed, its made to be brighter so you can see it better

Have a good look at the picture the lower left green arrow runs for the bottom upwards but the green lines and cubes run left to right and in the measurements in the drop down menu the Red X measuring the width is much larger then the Green Y measuring the length which is incorrect.

I think you are misinterpreting the coloured boxes and lines around the model. They are no „measure tapes“ but boundaries. The current dimension along the Y axis is not represented by the length of the green lines but by the distance between them. Try to grab those little boxes and drag them around a little, then you will understand how they work.

The colors on the edges of the box are not consistent:

Once an axis to scale is selected, the arrows match the colors at the origin.

I think the “edge” colors are rotating with the model. After rotating 90º about the Z axis, scaling looked like this:

I don’t really use the colors, so I’ll leave it to someone else to make a proper Github bug report.

Absolutely right they should remain consistant with the bed directions as you rotate the item the X, Y and Z dimensions should change “unless it’s a cube” , why would you want your dropdown scale box telling that the green Y axis is 100mm when infact is shoulbe in alignment with the indicator and showing 20 mm

When you first import an object, the x/y/z directions are assigned to this object and fixed to it “forever”. This means, whenever you rotate an object, the object’s x/y/z axis no longer correlate to the bed’s x/y/z axis. This is not a bug but actually a neccessity. If the scaling axis of an object always remained parallel to the respective global axis regardless of a possible object rotation, it would be hard to scale an object in a single direction as soon as it has been rotated by any angle other than 90/180/270 degrees.

To be more specific:
With the existing system, if you import or create a cube, …

… rotate it 45 degrees around its z axis, …

… and then scale it by any amount in the x or y direction, it will become a cuboid but retain its rectangular footprint.

However, if the scaling axis remained parallel go the global axis after rotation (simulated here by importing an already rotated cube), …

… it would be distorted which usually is not desirable.

Again, this behaviour is no bug but exactly as intended.

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My original concern was that the in the dropdown scaling box the dimensions were incorrect, the length was never 20mm it could be seen clearly that it was much longer than the reported 20 mm.

And a visual representation is to be taken not only at its scale but also the direction of viewing angle, matters your original post was ■■■■ and you were crying about colors
or did you forget “Is there a fix or option in Bambu Studio to correct the colours for the X an Y directions in the Scale option as they are incorrect”

Be very careful with your accusations I did not lie if I miss read the information as I saw it then my mistake I do not lie!

Why lie then, it makes absolutely no sense