Concern over the design of the P1S Extruder

As the title states, I have a minor concern over the internal geometry for the P1S’ Extruder Filament Sensor area. I will preface this discussion by saying, yes, this is my first 3D printer and I hardly know anything about them. However, while waiting on a part to bring my machine back in service I did some poking around and found a part that likes to stick in place because of a sharp 90 degree corner with tight tolerances.

Please watch the video - I know it can be dull, repetitive, stupid, and boring, but I think there are some key features that should be reviewed.

What do you think?

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Yes this same problem hit me a long time ago. I think in the third or fourth months of ownership. I simply filed down the problem area and I am still using the same part today. 2300hrs later. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was right after i used some TPU from the external feed.

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Glad to hear I’m not just a crazy person! :rofl:

This is the little guy that trips the hall effect sensor to show whether the extruder has filament or not. There is a new extruder filament sensor on the website here:

Yes, I’m aware the parts inside are for the hall effect sensor. I did extensive reading into the components and their roles. I was unaware of a new revision to this part – but, coincidentally, that whole piece is one of the parts i’m waiting on… Hopefully by ‘new’ you mean revised design… I assume that’s what you mean - if not, it’s worded very oddly… The ribbon cable has all the same markings my current one does, so I’ll be curious to see what has changed… Hopefully it’s to do with the internal geometry and molding.

Yes, I believe the part has been revised. Did you order the latest revision? I wish Bambulabs would communicate their revisions better to the public.

Nope. Part not available yet.

Would you mind sharing which components you found on the pcb?
I only care about the key stuff like the hall sensor they use…