Consistant layer shifting - why so?


from time to time I experience this kind of layer shifting and am not quite what’s causing it. It always seems to be consistent from print to print.

In this particular print im experiencing it on one side only of this tanks top turret. It happens when printed large or very small, which leads me to think that it’s something to do with the model itself and the topology of the mesh maybe? (that particular section is printed on its own flat on the bed).

Would anybody be able to help diagnose what might be causing it?

thanks for any help

Without seeing the sliced model, I would speculate that what you might be seeing is shrinkage of wall material or floor material behind the walls of the print. There’s a number of articles on the web about this.

Is this your model or one readily found on the web? If so and you can provide a link, it would allow for some deeper analysis.

In the meantime, you could try changing the wall order from the default of Inner/outer to outer/inner. Also, have you tried thickening the wall layers from the default of 2 to 3 or 4?

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Hi! They sound like great suggestions thanks!

It’s my own model yes, I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work out I’ll post a link!

Thanks for the helpq

Hello, I have the same question, have you found the answer to the question?

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Have you tried what was suggested by @Olias in the first reply to initial post?

I tried it last night, and it would be nice to increase it to three levels after the wall.

Had a similar issue with a 28mm high and 15mm wide object. Tested my model on several mid and high quality printers. On small models, layer time and cooling may be very difficult to optimize. I was told by someone very knowledgeable to print several small models next to each other or just add “something bigger” next to the model to increase layer time (and corresponding cooling) and to experiment with cooling thresholds (in filament settings).
Surprisingly, out of the box A1 Mini gave me the best results (with barely visible and absolutely acceptable micro layer bending / ringing) without any tinkering at all.

If you check “layer time” on the sliced object, you might realize there are shifts at the points where the bending / ringing happens on the printed object.

Check that step recovery is enabled