Contest Schedule Feb.23-Mar.08

Hello MakerWorld Community,

Here we go! The moment you’ve all been waiting for: Our themes for the next three contests!

02/23: Kit Cards——Design your own kit card set to build anything you desire! There are no limitations on the subject or the number of assembly parts, so feel free to turn your wildest imaginations into reality!

03/01: LandMark inspired—— Whether it’s an intricately crafted replica, an item inspired by a famous landmark (such as a hat shaped like the Eiffel Tower), or your own interpretations of fictional places such as Atlantis or Wakanda, we’re thrilled to be pleasantly surprised by your designs.

03/08: Bathroom Accessories & Organization—— We’re looking to discover every conceivable bathroom essential in this contest, so don’t limit yourself to just soap dishes or toothbrush holders; explore all the possibilities you can think of.

As our contest submissions continue to improve, we eagerly anticipate your designs for the upcoming contests. Have fun printing!

The MakerWorld Team


cool new topics except the first one → is the “card” around parts which need to be plugged together just waste of filament, isn’t it?!

The first one is the best IMO…


Will there be an Easter design contest?


I love kit cards! I think they’re fun. Kids love them and they make handouts and party favours. Never underestimate the joy of putting something together yourself.

I wish I could submit my turkey dinner kit card for the contest but it’s an old model. I’ll just have to think of something new!


Nice! Thanks for sharing! Will let my creativity flow!

Will there also be a St. Patricks Day contest?

Will there be a puzzle contest?

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This please

IDK if I could make anything worth while, but I do like puzzles

Feel free to let us know your desired contest theme in the comments, we are open to all suggestions!


It’s nice if you plan on gifting them, but some people do tend to make the frame a little too bulky IMO.

Landmark-inspired… do topographical maps with structures count? I make 3D terrain and have a lot of ideas.


I think a mechanisms contest would be interesting


Personally I am very excited for the Landmark-inspired contest, have something very special planned!

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me too :sunglasses: …but it’s sooo long to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Would like a mothers day contest, already have some ideas :slight_smile:

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I think it would be awesome to have a “power tools accessory” or a “construction tools accessory” contest.


Absolutely, but we believe that this specific theme deserves an independent contest to itself :blush:


These look fun - I remixed a gingerbread house around Christmas and learned a lot about kit cards from doing it! :slight_smile:

Love the Landmark theme! I guess already posted models won’t be elegible, right?

There are two other themes I’d like to see:

  • Masks (too late for carnival though).
  • Statues or paintings inspired models. There are many 3d scanned models, but not many with a maker pov twist.