Coupon codes and free shipping

Why do we pay shipping on an expensive item like the AMS. Buying a second and surprised we pay shipping. Never a coupon code sent…it would be a nice gesture.


When I bough my X1CC, the web page said there was free shipping. When I asked Bambu Labs about this, showing them the web page, they modified the web page to say printers and ams were exempt from free shipping offer, and sent a web page of that to justify the charge. Not very ethical. I did talk to my credit card issuer and they said it was clear I was owed a refund of the charge. I decided not to go through with the charge back though. Still plan on future purchases and didn’t want to have any issues later.

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Would be a nice gesture, but is not a good business model. Shipping the full printer costs a lot due to the glass panels, the value of the printer should shipping damage occur, and the size and weight. All these things change the handling during shipping which increases the cost. Besides, I only paid like $39 for shipping. I’ve bought brackets from 8020 that shipped 1/3 of the distance for nearly that much.

The AMS on the other hand could be offered with free shipping as a promo to sell those things!

Not to be contrary, but I remember the shipping page always had the disclaimer, in red letters, that Printers and the AMS weren’t included in the free shipping. When did you order your X1CC?

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Here is a screen grab of the order page when I ordered the printer 12/22/22. I added the red to show that it clearly states free shipping on orders over $49. After I contacted Bambu about it, they changed the page to have the disclaimer in red.


yea when I first ordered mine it said the same thing - free shipping then I got charged and when I went back it was showing the "printer and ams exempt message.

I know that I pay for shipping on the AMS but that then meets the free shipping requirement for everything else. So, one AMS makes the rest of the shipment free.

So if I buy another AMS and add a spool of filament to the order, it will ship free?

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The spool will ship for free. As the order meets the minimum for both local and remote locations. The AMS will be charged shipping. To my location (Alaska) it’s $50 per AMS unit.

So I could order 1 and pay $50 for shipping, or, I could order three and pay $150 ($50 for each one). I choose to order each AMS as its own order and throw in a bunch of the little stuff like wipes, cutters, etc … since they all ship for free.

Fory location orders need to be $200 for free shipping so in future once I have all of my AMS units, I’ll be ordering a couple rolls of filament and adding the littles on. I would prefer this vs trying to order $200 in wipes and cutters lol…