Cruise Ship Print

Would be sick to install a motor, esc, prop and lipo

StreetSports - Yes - I am considering that at some point - need to find a suitable local model ship sailing club.

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1:250 Arvia now complete - tried for this one releasing a YouTube short on the BL Official Facebook group - but seemed to get very little interest compared to releasing photos - I guess too many cruise ships - or maybe Facebook doesn’t prioritise showing posts with just YouTube videos.

Took several weeks and masses of Bambu Lab Sponsored filament to print.

Now working on 1:1005 Ariva and Iona one build plate print in place without supports. Would have liked to do it as 1:1000 - but won’t quite fit on an X1C build plate - unless I scale it down to 99.5%

Did think about trying to fiddle with the GCode so that the bow protrudes slightly over the back near the purge shoot - but probably best not to do that.

Youtube Short link


Now working on print in place Iona/Arvia. 1:1000 scale (or more like 1:1050 to make it fit in the X1C build plate). - spent the whole day introducing support struts - most of which can probably be left in place - but some like those supporting the bridge will need to be split off. Ready to start a single colour test print of Iona. Support added is coded in yellow in the attached picture - but will probably be printed as white in the multi colour version.

Support additions quite a lot more than Ventura - due to more overhangs on Iona/Arvia.

16:20 - Test print of Single Colour Iona Started - estimated print time 8hrs - which I will pause overnight. Arvia single colour version also ready for test print.
PS/ Getting manifold error reported by BS - but it seemed to slice ok - but will have to sort that out before Makerworld will accept it.

First attempt at full print failure - failed on lifeboats - despite doing to segmented test prints - so have beefed up most of the 0.6mm dimensions in the lifeboat holders to 1mm and will retry.

11/9 16:40. 2nd attempt, this time of Arvia, going pretty well only about 1hr 20mins to go. Main obvous fault is that the promedate deck bridge supports are too thin - so will have to be thickened up a bit. Also will have to move some of the supports that go through windows as they won’t look good when removed on the colour version.

Pretty happy with print, but a few changes required - so likely to need another couple of test prints
Back canopy a bit thin + some stringing down

Swim up bar canopy slats a bit thin

Floor by stairs at back a bit thin

Deck 19 front floor too thin

Hole covers

Deck18 overhang stringing down a bit

Deck 18 front overhang a bit messy

Front canopy too thin

Hold ups of side bridge too thin

Ridges over joints

Golf course 1 bit missing

Supports through glass

Deck19 middle parts by radar towers too thin

Bit of stringing under bridge

Middle canopy a bit thin

Inner covered pool floor a bit thin

Timelapse still looks pretty good though Test2 - Ariva Dark Green Version

12/9 8:00. 3rd Attempt now started - Ariva - in gold this time, hopefully with above issues addressed. 7hrs 30mins to go.

12/9 15:55. Only just over an hour to go - looking quite good in gold I think - and no obvious faults jump out yet.

Came out pretty well - just a couple of problems - so doing a third full print - this time in lighter green, plus also Iona now ready too - so kicked off a Silver print of her.

Timelapse of Gold Arvia print. Gold Arvia 1000 Timelapse

13/9 16:15 - prints (hopefully final single colour looking good). Iona on left, Arvia on Right

13/9 21:51 Arvia in green pretty much perfect - so might release that on MakerWorld tomorrow.
Iona has a few faults - might be due to using BL PLA Silk - but will thicken up two canopies and try reprinting in white tomorrow.

14/9 21:50. Iona now ready to go also. Had a few problems with BL SILK PLA with the really small details. Shame because I think It looks better in that colour than the BL PLA BASIC Grey at the front. Did one full test print, and then reprinted just the parts that failed.

Will do another full Iona print tomorrow - but am now confident that Iona and Arvia are ready.

Will also in parallel start a multi colour print of Arvia - could I suppose do Iona at the same time too if I split it into two to save on waste - but think I will just do the one for now.

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Sorry - I thought they had opened the Beta up according to this thread - MakerWorld Beta Testers Wanted!

Will remove link to Makerworld to avoid confusion.

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Multi colour versions of both ships now ready to print at 99% of 1:1000 scale.

Decisions to make though - one ship will take 1d 2h 25m, second ship 1d 4h 42m.
Both ships together - with one split in half (as only way to fit both on) 1d 15h 11m

Both together won’t make such a good timelapse - but looks like an overall saving of about 11hrs
Also printing them both at the same time will pretty much halve the amount of flush - to 254g - so think I will go for two together.

Might do some partial test prints of the most risk bits first before kicking off such a long print.

Update 12:00 16/9 - Decided to go for it

Update 22:30 - about 10.5hrs into print, 26% complete - letters look a little bit messy, but will hopefully clean up ok. Now pausing the print for the night (should be fine as one cool plate), will resume in the morning.

17/9 8:45 Got another couple of hours in this morning now up to 39% - still 27hrs to go - pausing now for a 2nd time. PS/ First intervention required on an almost empty orange filament spool (not weighted) - need to find a solution to this issue.

Updated 17/9 19:00. Now effectively 50% complete - only one more issue - due to running out of white filament.

10pm - pausing for the night - image won’t upload from iPad. 57% complete

18/7 8:30 - print restarted about 7am - now only about 15 hrs to go - so should hopefully finish before tomorrow lunch time.

18/7. 16:00 - less than 8 hrs to go - will let them finish today

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Pretty much flawless print -
12:00 on 16/9 to 23:50 on 18/9 - so about 60 hrs elapsed, 39 hrs printing time with 3 planned pauses (overnight and while out of house).

Only interventions required were helping out the very empty orange filament a little bit once when it struggled a bit in the AMS - need to sort that problem somehow - and I don’t think weighted centre is really the answer, plus one to change the while filament when it ran out. All this on an X1C with 875hrs on it and only one lot of extra lubrication so far - probably time for some more.

All printed with Bambu Lab Sponsored RFID PLA.

Decided to print both ships at the same time - as prime tower (and purge) would be the same - had to split one of the ships to make them fit - first time I have tried the Bambu Slicer built in connectors - think I will have to trim the pins a little bit to make them fit.

3 different size Ariva’s - with a few more ships above and below.

Initial unedited time-lapse here - will do a better one for publication.


Was asked on the P&O Facebook for some rough material and electrical costs for various sizes of models - so here are some rough calculations for interest purposes only - as I am not currently allowed to do anything commercial with these models by Carnival Corp.

Printer equipment required comes to between £1500 and £2k. ($1850 - $2500)

I haven’t measured the exact power usage, but I think it is less than 100w on average, my unit cost is £0.31per kwh.

Materials cost around £18 per 1 kg roll. This model uses 11 different colours - so a fairly big initial outlay of 11x£18

1:1250 Multi Colour Scale models - which I haven’t yet printed

it would take about 45 hrs - so about 4.5kwh - or around £1.40 of electricity at £0.31 per kWh, plus around 800g of filament - £14.50. So the base electrical and materials costs per ship for 1:1250 would be around £4 ($5) each.

Obviously these costs are only for interest only and don’t include anything for printer management time, initial outlays for equipment, and the biggest cost which is for design time - which was many 100s of hrs.

1:1000 models - the latest two I did:
So for 39 hours for the 1:1000 model let’s call it 4kwh - on my current tariff that is about £1.25. ($1.54)

the actual print of 2 x 1:1000 ships used around 750g in total - so a cost of around £13.50 ($16.70) in materials.

As previously mentioned I am not currently allowed by Carnival to do anything commercial with these designs / 3d prints- but it is interesting to know that this works out as materials and electric cost of around £7.50 ($9.25) per 1:1000 ship.

1:500 Model

For the 1:500 version. About 92 hrs print time, so 9.2kwh or £2.85. About 2.4kg of material - or £43.20 - So a total of about £46 ($57) basic material and electrical costs for the 1:500 version.

1:250 Model

For the 1:250 version - 247 hrs printing spread across 89 separate prints - so about 25kwh - so about £8 electricity, About 8.7kg of filament costing around £155 - so about £165 ($204) total electrical and material costs.


Is it the Arvia 1:250 files available right now at printables ? Seems a good thing to display at my home :star_struck:

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No sorry, but the 1:1000 versions of Arvia are on Makerworld.

I might do some test publications of some of the 1:250 scale parts of Arvia at some point to see if there is any interest - but I am afraid that won’t be for a while as I am currently working on a different approach to printing multi colour models.

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Happy to hear that will be future publications and worth to wait!

These look amazing!! I tried to print some older cruise with an Ender 3 and it never worked, ender sold. Glad that we now have AMS to do it reliably.

Would you happen to make cruise model from cruise line other than P&O? I just went to a Virgin Voyage and it was amazing!! Would love to buy if there is!

Thanks - yes plan to move over to other lines soon, although mainly on ships I have been on. Haven’t yet sailed on Virgin. There does seem to be a single colour Scarlet Lady model available on Cults 3d - so I guess it could be painted in Bambu Studio if you wanted to print it on the AMS - it looks like it is designed for a resin printer though - so may need some work or scaling up to get it to working on a BL printer.

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Currently on my last day of a cruise on Azura - appropriately decided to do some re-modelling of my Azura model - to hopefully get it down to a small enough size to fit on an A1 mini build plate, and to reduce to number of colours down to 4. Needs a bit more work before trying a test print on an X1C.


You do amazing work, my friend.

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Can’t get purge down to less than 1g - due to size of A1 Mini build plate - but am able to reduce it down by about 2/3 from 116g to 44g with some automated selection of suitable ‘purge-to’ xmas decoration objects (see my other thread for more details). So will do this plate as first multi colour test .

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Single colour test print of Azura at the 1:1250 scale needed to work on an A1 Mini worked pretty well- (using BL sponsored yellow filament) took about 6hrs - so think I will have a go the 16 hr 4 colour ‘waste-free’ version tomorrow. The ‘purge-to’ objects are parts of the legs of a 3d printed table that I am creating.

Update - with further refinement - I thought something had gone wrong - but the flush column disappeared - but I actually think I have managed to eliminate 100% of flush! - will be interesting to see how it prints out -

Update - printed and now on Makerworld.


Wow! Your work is awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

I like a lot your renders in F360, if you have time one day please explain here or on YouTube what environment and configuration do you use, they are perfect! Congrats!!!


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Thanks - and yes they do come out pretty well in F360 without too much effort - take quite a while to render each frame though on a Mac mini. Am planning to do some more work on rendering - so will write up some details when I do.

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