MakerWorld Beta Testers Wanted!

We know very well that to make 3D printing accessible to everyone, a good and easy printer is not enough.

Therefore, we decided to create MakerWorld, a 3D model platform that seamlessly links printers, model creators and users.

MakerWorld is currently in its Beta phase, and we want to curate a small group of beta users to ensure an exceptional experience upon the official release.

To become a potential beta tester, please complete the following questionnaire via this link: Join the MakerWorld Beta Adventure! 🚀


Join the MakerWorld Beta Adventure! :rocket:
Thank you for your support! As we have received many signups, the signup link for the Beta program is now closed. Selected users will be contacted via Email.

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I already threw my name in the pot (thankful I did it quickly, before the pot filled up).

If I understand the idea properly, you aren’t looking to just make another model sharing site but rather something that connects with printers as well. This is great!

Whether I’m selected or not, I’d like to weigh in with an opinion: @BambuLab , you all should look into AstroPrint and the associated cloud implementation. (disclaimer: my only association with astroprint is that I bought their product)

Things I love about AstroPrint that I’d like to see Bambu Lab consider in MakerWorld:

  • Cloud slicer: a functional web frontend to a slicer; no PC required to slice and print models
  • Storage and organization: web frontend to storage, where users can retain their sliced models, take notes on which ones worked, etc. Sliced models are automatically annotated with details about the slicer settings like which filament was used, nozzle size, etc
  • Support for cameras: live stream the printer camera, review and watch timelapses, etc all from the web page via any web capable device
  • API access: this is half-baked at astroprint, but the idea was sound. developers could create and publish apps to link to the astroprint cloud. conceptually i could link my wifi connected air conditioner to astroprint, automatically turning it off while printing (so i don’t blow cold air at the printer) and back on when done printing (so the room is cooled again properly). other API possibilities could include emailingyourself (or a client) when a print starts/stops, perhaps including a picture of the result; linking the backend with the users’ preferred cloud storage solution; connecting the backend to other model repositories to enable seamless “click to print” functionality from any model found anywhere online; etc.

As an astroprint user I was fond of the ability to sit in the car as my wife or kids described a problem that could be solved with a simple 3D print, whip out my cell phone to open the astroprint app/website, select a model, slice it, and start it printing… without touching a proper computer or even being at home near the printer. arriving back at the house a few hours later with the print already done was like magic.


Same, that was fast!

Now we’re in for the long wait until it becomes public :slight_smile:

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I hope i can be in the beta users for helping (You need help for translate in French ? )

I always thought that a better way to track filament (settings, when/where bought, how much left automatically after sending a print to the printer etc) would be nice. Ive tried several apps/sites/spreadsheets but having this implemented somehow with the bambu printers and/or maker world would be really amazing. Not sure how it would work with any prints that failed/were stopped etc but that would still be nice lol.

That link did not last long, hoping they open it back up. Count me in for Beta Testing

Würde mich freuen ein teil davon zu werden !

Hi würd mich freuen dabei zu sein \m/

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Will there be a new forum category for MakerWorld when it is available?

I’m curious to get involved when it is open to more users!

Got my invite today, anyone else here get it too?

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Although I am a beta tester for the P1P and P1S printers, I have not received an invitation. It is a pity that we are not paid attention to…

It’s not that they are not paying attention to you, it is that the idea behind a “beta” test is to test with a small group of users. This means not everyone can be a beta tester. Don’t take it personally.


I’m aware of that, but it’s not for nothing that there are beta testers who are already known to the team. Why aren’t they given priority first and then others added?:wink: That’s why I don’t really understand the current beta test.

I am guessing Bambu’s thinking is to get different people beta testing so they have different varieties of thoughts etc for testing.

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Hello dear bambu lab team, are there any free beta tester slots?

Was really fast closed, only needed two testers??

If not count me in too;)

I was lucky and received my invitation today. =)

I think it was only open for a few hours. Probably during the day in china. I was asleep.

Same here XD it destroyed printable XD

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