Cruise Ship Print

Final pics - with a few part reprints + things like flags and bolt covers added + stats (derived from re-slicing everything)

24 plates, 813 colour changes, 50 hrs printing spread over 12 days. Longest individual print 4 hrs 18m.

Modelled in Fusion 360.
Printed with various filaments - mostly esun.
Most early plates used Generic PLA profile.

Latterly switched all profiles to Bambu PLA Basic (which prints a fair bit quicker), and derived stats are based on Bambu PLA predicted times…

Mostly 0.2mm layers on 0.4mm nozzle. Mostly classic slicing, but some Aracne for text and small parts.

99% of printing done at standard speed.

Plenty of room for optimisation of model, print placement for the next one.

1006g Model filament, 277g Flushed Filament - which match pretty accurately with final weights.

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 13.06.27


Great and amazing work and job
If possible to have stl file?

Amazing work and attention to detail

Nice job !!!

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Over 2 days of x1c being inactive due to attention being focussed away from printing towards fusion 360 rendering and video editing:(

I’m impressed in particular about the quality of the rendered still images you can get out of Fusion 360.

Animations a bit less impressive, so investigating blender to see if it’s better.

First draft of video here to illustrate results so far here:

Cruise ship model intro video


Any chance for a model of Fort Knox. The interior of Fort Knox has my full attention. :disguised_face:

Ha ha - By coincide I am currently trying out some gold filament to see if it looks like a good colour for some of the wooden decks as part of about 8 hrs worth of printing of minor refinements.

Am also trying some old wood filament - but its far too brittle to go through the AMS - so am currently printing some test wood versions on another Non Bambu printer at the same time!

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You can print up a Bowden tube splitter and then run the wood filament on the side spool if you don’t want to push it through the AMS.

Bambu Lab Y-Splitter with PC4-M10 pneumatic connector and magnets

Thanks - might try that out if it doesn’t interfere too much with AMS unloads.

So far all printing on Bambu is been 100% AMS.

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2nd ship in the fleet begins its build today.

Azura only took a couple of days to model - because it 95% the same as the first one - Ventura.

Just a few differences in the central upper section, top deck at the back, bottom of stern and name.

First print 5.5hrs


What software did you model it in? Sorry if you have already mentioned.

Fusion 360 - Think I’m pushing the limits of what is practical within one model though in the way that I’m using it. Am working on a short video to explain the modelling process.


I’m working on a ship from Loot Studios. They broke it into 3 sections and 3 layers for the hull. It was done in a way that each section has a flat surface that can stick to the build plate. I use standard tree supports. Support critical, on bed only. So far everything prints perfectly. On taller sections Indo have to run at normal speed or hand draw more supports.

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Interesting. For the first ship I did pretty much the only place I used supports for my other print was the little mast thing near the front at the top. I printed it as 13 separate level/decks - with each deck split into 3-6 sections each. About 25 separate build plates. Overall about 350 separate stl files.

Probably should have supported the bow section I just printed a bit because it’s come out a tiny bit rough, but not bad considering the amount of overhang. Or might try printing it upside down next time and supporting the bit of promenade deck on the side.


Print progressing on 2nd ship - about 7 plates worth done now - just printing the last 2 parts of deck 9 - only 10 more decks to go after that!

Plus also making quite a few improvements to the parts as I am going along - so will likely end up needing to reprint quite a lot of first ship too so that they match.

Printer and AMS continue to work well. Got one false alarm spaghetti failure yesterday - but other than that working well.

Started 3rd roll of eSun white earlier today (for 1.5 ships, plus a fair number of reprints) - managed again to change roll ok mid print - while another colour was printing.

Tried using ‘sport mode’ yesterday for one single colour part - went pretty well for the majority of part - but top surface a bit rough - not too much of an issue - as the top is hidden by the next layer. Will however stick with standard speed for now.


Print progressing well, but slowly. Had failure today again with old light Blue filament (that I only opened a few days ago) that I use for swimming pools. Works ok for a while - but if you leave it for a few days (in the AMS) the first couple of metres go brittle, and snap on retraction out of the extruder - I have to go through the reel until it stops snapping.

Might try drying it for a few hours - or just buy a new light blue.

Bought some card today for improved backgrounds to photos.

Plus also - as colours in model now up to 10 - 2 AMS no longer enough - so order in to Bambu Lab today:;

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 18.39.34


You’re crushing it with these.

Are you making these for a client? Planning on selling them?

Matt - no just making them for myself at this stage - we’ve been on the first one (Ventura) a few times in the last twelve months, plus are booked to go on the 2nd one (Azura) next month.

The models being branded complicates sharing or selling possibilities I guess, I wonder if that’s one of the reasons most ship models seem to be of older ships?

I guess there might be a small market for the 3d models or prints, so have reached out to P&O Cruises to see what is possible - but no response so far.


Just a thought - perhaps ask the CEO directly. It’s amazing how connected some are, it can’t hurt. You might be surprised and he/she can bypass the rules and override the lower level people who might listen to the lawyers too much … :wink:

P&O Cruises responded now thanks. Have published some 3mf files on printables if anyone is interested… Printables


Hopefully some free upgrades are in store on your future cruises. These turned out so badass.

I’m not sure on something like specific cruise ships, but there absolutely is on more popular vehicles with this level of detail.

Found this place a little while ago:

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