Cruise Ship Print

FInal photos after reprint of Ventura, correction to the back of Azura, and a basic attempt at some waves.


Iona Modelling now 99% complete (the larger ship at the back). This time just modelled half of the ship, and will mirror it, before splitting it for printing.


Finally ready to start printing Iona.

X1C has sat idle for over a month, partly due to a 2 week Cruise on Azura (during which I did a small amount of Iona Fusion 360 work), followed by a couple of weeks of Puppy Sitting (see my other Whippet model), plus about a week to complete the Iona model.

Iona is a fair bit bigger so print is going to take a lot longer than the around 50 hrs the other two models took.

Estimates for 3 hull sections only are 12.5hrs, 10.5hr and 3.5hrs. First step was to go through all of the filaments in the 3 x AMS’s - most of them were fairly brittle in the first few inches - so continued snapping off sections of filament until they seemed ok.

Now starting on the first 3.5hr print of the middle section of the hull.

In the meantime my Azura model now on the Bambu Lab home page which was nice to see.

First attempt failed - model not adhering to bed. Trying cleaning the bed with IPA - plus I guess it might have been a bit dusty


Finally back to printing P&O Iona. Decided to try overnight printing to allow me to progress some of the 12 hrs plus parts that have been holding me up from getting on with the print.

First 12 hr print worked perfectly (hull bow). It actually finished about 11:30pm - but I woke up about 3:30 and checked that it was ok.

Second 13hr print (hull stern) paused printing at about 2am - due to off bed purge shoot getting full. Work up about 3:30am again, cleared shoot, and print finished about 10 mins later. So I count both prints as completely successful - as I should have cleared bin before going to bed.

First few decks now printed - need to align the parts properly and bolt the decks together - but starting to take shape. Its at the same scale as the other 2 ships (Ventura and Azura) - so going to bit a fair bit bigger.

Modelling of Tui Skyla River Cruise ship now about 50% complete too at the same scale as the ocean cruise ships (its only just over 1/3 of the length - so may be able to print it in one part if I angle it diagonally) - we did a nice cruise on her a few weeks ago.

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Hello, I’ve been following your projects lately. Is it possible for me to get the Iona STL files? Thanks in advance!

Yes - happy to publish coloured Bambu Studio 3mf plates for Iona - there are too many individual files for publishing of STLs to be practical. Currently printed up to deck 18 - so just deck 19, funnel, life boats and screw covers to go, plus a few corrections. So print will hopefully be complete this weekend, can then package up and publish next week.


Thank you! I can’t wait for next week! Furthermore, can I know the dimensions (Length, breadth, and Depth) of the scaled printed model? It seems bigger than Ventura and Azura. My brother is going to be excited for his birthday next month.

For reference here are the filament colours I have been using in order of quantity - with a best guess at Bambu Lab equivalents

eSUN PLA+ Filament 1.75mm, PLA Plus 3D Printer Filament Cold White
eSUN PLA+ Silver
SunLU PLA+ Blue
1kg 1.75mm PLA 3D printer filament Printer - With coil (Gold Color)
SUNLU 3D Printer Filament PLA+ Plus Grass Green
Aldi Balco Blue 1kg
SunLU PLA Yellow
Bambu Lab Orange
ICE Filaments ICEFIL1PLA104 PLA filament, 1.75mm, 0.75 kg, Barbaric Brown
Bambu Support W - just experimenting with for a few delicate parts

With the quantity of white being about 10x the rest.

My best guess at equivalent Bambu Lab Filaments to these would be:

Bambu Lab PLA Basic Jade White
Bambu Lab PLA Silk Silver
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Blue
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Red
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Bronze
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Green
Bambu Lab PLA Matt Ice Blue
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Yellow
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Orange
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Brown
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Black
Bambu Support W White

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All of my ships so far are at 1/500th scale - with the appx. dimensions of Iona being just under 3 Build plates long

Length ~ 690mm
Width ~ 105mm
Height ~ 130mm


First full Iona print now complete - just need to reprint a few decks to correct some minor problems.


Hats off to your work! I can’t wait for the file to publish :smiley:

Print all complete now and photos taken - just going through recreating all of Bambu Studio plates - so should hopefully be on printables either later today or tomorrow.

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First version of Iona now published on Printables.

Would appreciate any comments or issues you may find - as had to recreate most of the Bambu Studio plates for this publication.

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Fantastic work.
Thanks for sharing as muchn as you did.

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Making good progress on my next Cruise ship in Fusion 360 - this time a much smaller river cruise ship - at the same 1:500 scale - although not sure if it is going to be too small for the text to come out - so might have to do a larger version too.


Back to the small text challenge - at 1:500 scale the Tui Skyla text really needs to be about 0.8mm high - which is far too small for me to read. So have compromised on 1.6mm text - which is quite a lot smaller than the smallest text on my other ships - which is 3mm for the Hamilton/Southampton wording at the back.

Tried a few tests, and also bit the bullet and decided to try a 0.2mm nozzle.
Was much more difficult than I expected - had problems with the size of the fan screws, and when I eventually got the 0.2mm nozzle parts together (as I had not bought the whole kit) - also very tricky to route the cables. Plus kept getting fan errors when I tried calibration. Tried taking the fan off of the 0.6mm Hot end kit and still got the same issue, but eventually it seems to sort itself out.

But swapping nozzles is not a trivial thing in my opinion which is a shame.

Test results attached below (with the 0.2mm Nozzle, 0.12mm layer height to the right. My conclusion is that I need to keep the 0.2mm Nozzle for the Skyla text - but it slows down print time by almost 4x - so will have to use it sparingly.

Luckily I now have 2 x X1Cs - so will leave one on 0.2mm for now - should be interesting to explore how it helps with the other detailed parts too.


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Hello, I have a question about Iona. Is the Deck 13 not there since in the files it have until deck 12 and it skipped to deck 14?

Correct - P&O don’t do deck 13’s not sure if it just a UK thing.

PS/ For our first P&O cruise last year we did a week on Ventura, used the stairs 100% of the time (so no lifts with list of floor numbers) - and believe it or not I didn’t notice that there was no deck 13 the whole week. It wasn’t until I was looking at a photo after the cruise, trying the work out where our cabin was that I noticed that there was a deck missing!


Some people consider the number 13 to be unlucky. Many tall buildings also skip it when numbering floors. …10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16,

TUI Skyla now complete - modelled again in Fusion 360. Think I got to the limit of detail that is possible from a 0.4mm nozzle.

Facebook link here

Filament for this one and the next few has been kindly sponsored by Bambu Lab. Really like how well the AMS works with BL RFID filament.

Decided to get another printer - had a big dilemma about wether to get a P1P or another X1C - glad I decided on the X1C - given the recent new printer announcement.

Did two versions - one to the same scale as other ships (1:500) and another double the size (1:250) - so that detail shows up better.