Cura profile

I looked on the github site for Bambu Studio and this feature was assigned to an individual two days ago. Maybe it will happen soon. :smiley:


It was added as a request to SoftFever’s fork of Bambu Slicer in Jan 2023. He hasn’t tackled it yet, but he’s a one man band and it’s a complex piece of code.

Good to hear Bambu’s assigned someone, but I’d suspect it may be a while as it’s complex. That said, Cura is open source and they have had zero problem grabbing pieces of it and incorporating it.

The drone / plane community isn’t small and they need a lot of CF and other engineering materials, something Bambu machines excel at (and they’d love to sell you the filament, LOL), I’m sure they’re paying attention on this.

Stay tuned … :wink: but not yet.

Are you running Cura over to a Bambu printer?? I hadn’t tried that yet, although I did run Studio over to a heavily mod’d CR-10S Duet while waiting for my X1C to arrive to get familiar with the software (SoftFever’s).

It gave me great prints out of the box, surprisingly.

I have tried using cura but the printer simply kept printing on the same level and did not change Z height simply prainting every layer into the next one creating a mess.

Well, that might cause a few problems … /s LOL

Are you familiar with G-Code? I suspect the problem you faced is it’s issuing a Z movement command that’s the wrong (unsupported) one to move the bed. What “printer” do you have configured in Cura’s devices?

I’ve got some things to do before I can check this out but I’d be happy to play around and see if I find anything to help.

Maybe someone who’s savvy on this stuff might jump in here.
@Matt - you got any ideas for how they can run Cura?

Unfortunately, I’m kinda stupid. Also never used Cura.

I can only help with Prusa, Bambu, and Z-Suite (which is proprietary and not very helpful).

@Thoemse, can you export a .3mf file in Cura and manually move it to the SD card as a temporary workaround?

LOL well, I’ll buy the Cura part.

I think that’s what he’s asking. He needs the machine profile for Cura so he can do that. Thanks for the try.

@Thoemse - You should research what XY Core machines are in Cura, I’m sure there’s a bunch, then pick the closest to the X1C / P1. I can help adjust that profile a little and you can copy the settings from the proper Filament in Bambu Studio over to Cura (like layer height, wall speeds etc.) That should get you close enough to to some fine tuning.

But I’ll tell you right now it’s going to be a lot of work. It depends on your level of knowledge … and pain! I’ll help but I won’t do it all for you, K? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Filament settings and fine tuning are no issue. I can do that. If I could get cura to actually start a print that works that would be good enough. I tried to start off with a voron profile and it kept printing on layer 1. Z did not adjust downwards when it started the next layer. I hoped that someone found a way to get the X1C to print with Cura. Finetuning is something I will have to do myself anyways since I will be using LW-PLA.
I guess I have to tell the printer to actually move the plate down after each layer (obviously) but I have no idea where to do that. I never had to with any printer I had so far (carthesians and Delta).

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I just saw this and wondering if anyone has explored it. I have not, so no questions please. Just wanting to make sure that those interested are aware of its existence.


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1st off, Welcome to the Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s really cool, a big thank you for sharing this! It’s a cool thing to have lots of different arrows in one’s quiver … :wink:

That must have taken a fair bit of work.

It looks like it might just be a quick and dirty hack job and may not be fully AMS supported, but might be better than nothing.

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It’s a start. Good to know thank you.

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Is there any updates regarding the Cura Profile as the gcode is 6+ months outdated and probably needs a bit of maintenance.

The latest release of Cura 5.5 seems amazingly full of interesting stuff, but am refraining from using it for fear of Pompeii erupting on my Roman Empire! :joy:

If I recall didn’t the Kickstarter state compatibility with Cura, and Superslicer?


Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of Bambulab to provide these profiles, especially when they’re keeping almost everything in-house. It kind of makes modifying any gcode, or creating a printer profile into a much bigger risk of the unknown :face_in_clouds:

Really want to go back to Cura for most of my prints as I used it for years and the extendability is about to become a supernova soon :sparkles:

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I am considering buying a P1S, but noticed that it may have no support to run Cura. I have many older 3dLabPrint plane files like the spitfire, messerschmitt 109, 3d edge… Has anyone found a solution on how to slice these files correctly with Bambu Studio?

What file format are the models that you have? Looking at the 3DLabPrint website it seems that models are available in STL format and thus Bambu Studio will be able to slice them.


Yes, the files are STL. BUT, most of the parts are non manifold with no infill, but with interior structures for strength and/or other functions.
For example and simplicity, think of the fuselage as a long hollow tube cut into 6 pieces to print vertically. The end pieces will narrow down to form the nose and tail. The other pieces are just tubes with no top, no bottom, and maybe a brace or two to strengthen it. the outer walls are just one layer thick, like a vase print, but vase mode doesn’t work because you also have interior braces… and other reasons.

I have downloaded Bambu Studio (before buying the printer) and have started playing with the settings. It may just work… to be determined. There is another thread about this issue, but it doesn’t have any resolution yet. [3Dlabprint planes - any ideas]

I am really a bit frustrated that no support for CURA is officially available, it was stated in the compatible slicers for the X1 Carbon, and any attempt to query this with them as fallen on deaf ears :ear:

If they would properly document and be more open about the in-house gcode then even I’d be happy to create a plugin/profile but I’m not risking damage to my device because of trying to figure out the unknown.

It’d be a major perk if they made plugins possible in Bambu Studio!

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I don’t ever see Bambu releasing an official Cura profile. They are fully invested in Bambu Studio. The community would have to make it happen and honestly the majority has rallied behind Orca Slicer. Have you tried out Orca Slicer yet? It offers a lot of features and IMO is a better overall slicer and is more feature rich than Cura.


There’s a lot more Bambu studio can’t do that Cura can. First off, it’s a massive resource hog, lags my entire PC which is insane because I’ve got a freaking 8 core processor etc.

2nd of all, the product I 3d print needs extra walls on certain areas of certain parts, in cura this is so easy using modifiers, you can add walls into the interior mesh without adding seams wherever you want. In Bambu Studio the only option is to elaborately create smaller versions of the same part that fit inside the part to use as a modifier to add walls without new seams OR do 100% infill which is overkill for many of the parts and a waste of material.

I’d care less about the waste of material, but the time it takes on some of my prints to align, assemble then modify parts on a build plate is silly compared to Cura. I’ve worked around it, and of course the print time makes up for my time lost setting up a print but MY effort has gone up. I’m human, so I hate more effort, I want my printers exerting the effort not me.

Oh well I guess.

I’m with you. There are a few things I’d like to test between slicers and it’s strange that nobody has created a Cura profile for the bambu machines. It can’t be THAT complicated for someone who knows what they’re doing, can it?

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I’m looking to buy a Bambu x1-carbon for my dad and I’m really on the fence tbh. Just wanted to add what I found to this discussion.

I’ve created Cura profiles for many printers. Creality, Flashforge and self build printers using Duet3D and Marlin.

I read here that apparently Bambu Lab felt that it was wise to deviate on the implementation of standard GCODE: Bambu Lab X1 Specific G-Code

There also does not seem to be an official list of the actual GCODE supported.

This with the extended feature set might indeed make it fairly difficult to create a Cura profile.

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